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Thursday 05-04-17


~Genesis 37:5  And Joseph Dreamed A Dream, And He Told It His Brethren: And They Hated Him Yet The More.

~Everyone In This Room Wants To Be Successful In Life. ~We All Have Dreams. We All Have Hopes. We All Have Ambitions. 

~But One Of Life’s Toughest Lessons Is That Things Don’t Always Go The Way We Plan. ~Businesses Go Bankrupt. ~Employees Get Fired. ~People Get Sick. ~Relationships End. ~People Get Accused Of Things They Didn’t Do. ~Friends Move Away.

~The Life Of Joseph Is An Amazing Example Of Someone Who Was Able To Overcome Adversity. 

~His Brothers Stripped Him Of His Beautiful Coat Of Many Colors, Threw Him In A Pit, And Then Sold Him To The Ishmaelites For Twenty Shekels Of Silver. 

~And The Next 13 Years Would Turn Out To Be The Most Trying And Difficult Years Of Joseph’s Life. ~His Faith Was Under Fire!

~The Joseph Story Reminds Us That Life Doesn’t Always Go The Way We Think It Should. 

~Proverbs 16:9, "In His Heart, A Man Plans His Course, But The Lord Determines His Steps." God Is The One Who Decides These Things!”

~But Even Though His Life Has Been Turned Completely Upside Down, His Relationship With God Stays The Same! 

1. When We Stay In Faith, God Is With Us~

~Genesis 39:2, "And The Lord Was With Joseph; So He Became A Successful Man. 

~Genesis 39:21, "But The Lord Was With Joseph And Extended Kindness To Him And Gave Him Favor In The Sight Of The Chief Jailer."

2. God Always Has A Purpose For The Darkness He Allows Us To Walk Through

~God Is Not Under Any Obligation To Show Us What His Purpose Is But God Never Operates Without A Purpose! ~Rom 8:28-29; 12:1-2;

3. God Will Only Leave Us In The Dark Until He Has Accomplished That Purpose

~It All Depends On How Quickly We Allow God To Accomplish His Purpose In Our Lives!

~Genesis 37:19-20; ~Genesis 37:31-35

~Jacob’s Dream Was Not Dead,.. It Was Only Delayed. ~His Faith Was Under Fire!

~Proverbs 13:12, “Hope Deferred Makes The Heart Sick, But When Dreams Come True, There Is Life And Joy.” ~Genesis 45:25-28;


~How Do You Rediscover Your Dream?

1. Realize That Your Dream Is Still Calling To You. ~Revelation 3:8;

2. Turn Your Attitude From Mourning To Faith. ~Your Attitude Can… ~Make Or Break You ~Make You Friends Or Make You Enemies

~Make You Happy Or Make You Miserable ~Make You A Success Or Make You A Failure. 

~Fact #1 - Your Attitude - Reveals The Real You.   Proverbs 23:7; ~Your Attitude Comes Out Of The Core Of Your Being. ~Your Attitude Speaks Much Louder Than Your Words. ~Your Attitude Is What Keeps Telling People Who You Really Are.

~Fact #2 Your Attitude Determines The Success And Failure Of Every Relationship In Your Life. ~You Can Never Trust People With A Bad Attitude Because They Will Do Things That You Never Thought They’d Do… ~Look At Joseph’s Brothers.

~Fact #3 Your Attitude Is Always Your Choice. ~Too Many People Let The Situations And Circumstances Choose Their Attitude For Them.

~Joseph Chose His Attitude… Now Jacob Had To Do The Same.

3. Let Your Spirit Revive Within You. ~Psalm 73:2-3 & 16-17; 

~The Dream Is Still Alive, Even When… 1. Your Faith Is Under Fire.

~The Dream Is Still Alive, Even When… 2. Someone Has Tried To Kill Or Silence The Dream. ~A Dream From God Cannot Be Killed Or Silenced By External Forces!  

~The Dream Is Still Alive, Even When… 3. You’ve Done Something To Hurt Or Delay The Dream

~The Dream Is Still Alive, Even When… 4. You’re In A Time Of Personal Famine.

 ~Jacob Didn’t Realize That It Was The Famine That Caused Him To Look Toward Egypt (And Joseph!) For Help. ~Psalm 37:23, “The Steps Of The Godly Are Directed By The Lord. He Delights In Every Detail Of Their Lives.” ~Romans 8:28;

~Because Joseph Refused To Remain Uninvolved, God Blessed Him As He Served.

~Genesis 39:2, “The Lord Was With Joseph And Blessed Him Greatly As He Served In The Home Of His Egyptian Master.”

~Genesis 39:5-6; ~Genesis 39:22-23; ~ Genesis 40:12-15, 23

~He Chose His Attitude… He Did Not Let The Circumstances Choose His Attitude For Him!

~Your Attitude Determines Your Actions! Your Actions Determine Your Habits! Your Habits Determine Your Future!

~A Successful Man Is One Who Can Lay A Firm Foundation With The Bricks Others Have Thrown At Him.  

~Do Not Feel Sorry For Yourself, Or Pity Yourself, No Matter What Your Situation Or Circumstance Might Be.


~Where Was Joseph’s Dream During This Twenty Years? ~Joseph Could Not Have Known That While He Was Unselfishly Giving Himself To The Dreams Of Others, That God Was Making His Own Dreams Come True! 

Genesis 50:20, “You Intended To Harm Me, But God Intended It All For Good. He Brought Me To This Position So I Could Save The Lives Of Many People.”

~No Matter What The Circumstance In Joseph’s Life, God Was With Him… Read Genesis 39:2, 3, 5, 21, 23:

~When Your Faith Is Under Fire, God Is There. 

~When We Doubt, When We Run, When We Sink, Even When We Fail, God Is There. 

~Everything Is An Issue Of Faith Because It Calls Us To Trust God, Again And Again And Once Again. 

~And That Is The Goal Of Faith - To Lead Us To The God Who Will Not Fail Us.

~We Must Step Out And Walk In Faith. ~ 2 Timothy 4:7-8;


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