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Thursday 05-18-17 

1 Samuel 17:1-58 


~1 Samuel 16:7, “But The Lord Said To Samuel, "Do Not Look At His Appearance Or At The Height Of His Stature, Because I Have Refused Him. For The Lord Does Not See As Man Sees; For Man Looks At The Outward Appearance, But The Lord Looks At The Heart.”


1. Facing Giants Can Be An Intimidating Experience.  ~I Samuel 17:1-19;

~Day After Day, Goliath Breathed His Threats And Challenges, While Flaunting His Size And Impervious Strength.

~Our Own Personal Valleys Become The Sites Of Personal Conflicts. They Are The Giants Of Our Souls. 

~1 Peter 5:8, “Be Sober, Be Vigilant; Because Your Adversary The Devil Walks About Like A Roaring Lion, Seeking Whom He May Devour.” ~John 10:10; ~Revelation 12:10;

~Giants Will Dominate Your Thoughts… They'll Steal Your Joy… They'll Take Your Peace. 

~You Can't Afford To Tolerate Giants… You Must Kill Them.

~2. A Battle With A Giant Can Be A Lonely Experience. ~I Samuel 17:20-39;

~A. Giants Often Show Up On The Way To God's Purposes Being Realized In Our Lives.  ~Verse 26;

~B. Don't Get Distracted By The Criticism Of Others When You Face A Personal Battle. ~Verse 28;

~David’s Brother Eliab Had A Two-Fold Problem. ~First, He’s A Jerk… Second, He’s A Coward. 

~C. Don't Replace Personal Experiences With God. Verse 36;

~David Says, “I've Seen The Faithfulness Of God… And The Same God Who Delivered Me Then Is Upon Me To Deliver Me Now.”

~3. Trusting God Can Be A Stabilizing Experience. ~I Samuel 17:40-47;

~Don’t Tell God How Big Your Giants Are… ~Tell Your Giants How Big Your God Is.

~When David Took That First Step Of Faith, Goliath Was A Dead Man… He Just Didn’t Know It Yet. 

“Faith Is Belief Plus Unbelief And Acting On The Belief Part.” 


~Faith Is Not Waiting For 100% Assurance. 

~Faith Is Not Waiting Until All Your Doubts Are Gone. 

~If You Wait For That, You’ll Wait Forever. 

~Faith Is Seeing The Giant, Understanding The Odds, Believing That God Wants Him Dead, And Then Taking That First Step. 


~What Giants Stand In Your Way Today? ~Name Them… ~Write Them Down. 

~For most of us, the greatest giants are the ones we face on the inside: ~Doubt, Unbelief, Fear, Anger, Greed, Bitterness, Gluttony, Envy, Despair, Discouragement, Self-condemnation, Fear of failure, Critical spirit…


~Faith Is Not Simply Talking About The Giant… 

~Big Talk Will Never Slay Goliath… But Big Faith Will!


~Faith Is Not Constantly Analyzing The Giant, Or Praying About The Giant. 

~Faith Is Taking That First Step… 


~Your Knees Might Be Knocking, Your Hands Might Be Shaking… But With Faith And The Authority Of The Name Of Jesus… You Move Forward Into The Valley Ahead In The Name Of The Lord Of Hosts. 

~There Are Always A Thousand Reasons To Run Away When Goliath Stands Before You. 

~But Whenever You Are Tired Of Running, The Lord Stands Ready To Walk Into The Valley With You. 


~The Reason This Story Is In The Bible Is Because There Are Still Giants In The Land And God Is Looking For Some Davids, Who Will Walk Into The Enemy’s Camp And Kill A Giant! 


~If You Are Going To Face Your Giants And Win... You Must Face Them With Faith In God's Strength And Power… And Not Your Own.


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