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Part #1

Thursday 06-15-17

~There Is A Constant War Going On. We Must Be Aware Of The Subtle Ways Of Satan. He Wants To Destroy You!

~Deuteronomy 18:9-14; ~Do Not Put Yourself Into A Place That Opens Your Mind To Sorcery And Satan. ~Do Not Read The Horoscope In The Paper. ~Do Not Go To The Fortune Teller… Even For Fun.

~Do Not Play The Ouija Board And Other Games That Are About Spells And Séances And Telling The Future.

~James 4:27, “Neither Give Place To The Devil.” (NKJ) ~1 Peter 5:8-9; ~Galatians 5:19-21; ~Acts 16:17-18;

~We Resist The Devil By Being Full Of Jesus -- By Living And Worshipping In His Presence! ~1 Samuel 15:22-23;

~The Bible Describes A Witchcraft More Dangerous Than The Occult. ~It Controls More People Than Any Other Kind Of Demonic Influence. ~It Is Rebellion Against The Word Of God!


~Matthew 21:33-41; ~The Farmers Of This Parable Were Gods Children Engaged In Religious Work. ~They Were Enraged! They Had Murder In Their Hearts. ~That’s Not Just From The Flesh – That’s Demonic! ~Bitterness Blinds! ~You Will Always Lose Your Spiritual Vision In Proportion To The Growth Of Your Bitterness. ~Ephesians 4:31, "Let All Bitterness, And Wrath And Anger, And Clamor, And Evil Speaking, Be Put Away From You, With All Malice.” (NKJ)


~A Continual Spirit Of Bitterness Will Create An Environment That Opens The Door To The Enemy And To Spiritual Battles. ~There Are Times When, Without Realizing It, We Find Ourselves Bound To Past Generations…

~Some Things Were Thrust Upon Us As Children, Over Which We Had No Control. ~You Could Not Control Your Environment… ~You Could Not Control Your Heredity… ~Now You Can’t Seem To Get Past These Things…

~They Are In Your Mind… ~At Times Your Soul Is In Turmoil Because Of What Was Forced Upon You As A Child.


~Nehemiah 1:5-7; “O LORD, God Of Heaven, The Great And Awesome God Who Keeps His Covenant Of Unfailing Love With Those Who Love Him And Obey His Commands, 6 Listen To My Prayer! Look Down And See Me Praying Night And Day For Your People Israel. I Confess That We Have Sinned Against You. Yes, Even My Own Family And I Have Sinned! 7 We Have Sinned Terribly By Not Obeying The Commands, Decrees, And Regulations That You Gave Us Through Your Servant Moses.” (NLT)

~If You Have Chosen To Live In Willful, Continual Sin… Then You Have Chosen The Curse Of Disobedience And You Will Suffer Its Consequences.


~If There Is A Generational Stronghold Or Family Curse In Your Life, Here Are Some Steps To Being Free.

~1. We Must Choose To Surrender Ourselves To God Completely. ~James 4:7, “Therefore Submit To God. Resist The Devil And He Will Flee From You.” (NKJ)

~2. If We Are Aware Of Any Generational Sins, Confess Them To God. ~Leviticus 26:40 & 42;

~3. We Must Forgive Our Family For Any Generational Sins Or Spiritual Strongholds. ~Mark 11:25, "And Whenever You Stand Praying, If You Have Anything Against Anyone, Forgive Him, That You Father In Heaven May Also Forgive Your Trespasses. But If You Do Not Forgive, Neither Will Your Father In Heaven Forgive Your Trespasses." (NKJ)

~The Act Of Total And Complete Forgiveness Opens The Door For Freedom In Your Own Life! ~Forgiveness Breaks The Strongholds And Drives The Spiritual Forces Of Evil Out Of Your Life And Sets You On The Path Of Victory.

~4. We Must Break The Soul Ties To These Generational Sins. ~A Good Soul Tie Can Be Productive… ~A Bad Soul Tie Can Be Destructive . ~Matthew 16:19; ~Exodus 15:26; ~1 Corinthians 15:22; ~John 9:1-3;

~Luke 10:19, “Behold, I Give You The Authority To Trample On Serpents And Scorpions, And Over All The Power Of The Enemy, And Nothing Shall By Any Means Hurt You.” (NKJ) ~Galatians 3:13-14; ~Isaiah 54:17;


~Our First Birth Was From Heaven To Earth… ~But Our Second Birth Is From Earth Back To Heaven.

~2 Corinthians 5:17; “Therefore, If Anyone Is In Christ, He Is A New Creation; Old Things Have Passed Away; Behold, All Things Have Become New.” (NKJ)

~Once You Receive Christ As Your Personal Lord And Savior, And Begin To Obey The Word, You Are Changed!

~That Curse And The Results Of Disobedience Is Gone. ~You Have A New DNA. Divine Nature Applied!


~We Must Confess “Our” Sins And Then Repent Of Those Sins. The Good News Is This…

~When We Confess Those Sins And Turn Away From Them, We Break The Curse!


~Do Not Believe Inevitability… That Because Some Family Member Had A Disease, You Are Required To Accept It… ~Jesus Went To The Cross To Bring You Into His Family. ~1 John 1:9, “If We Confess Our Sin, He Is Faithful And Just To Forgive Us Our Sin And To Cleanse Us From All Unrighteousness.” (NKJ)

~He Also Took Stripes On His Back For You And By His Stripes You Are Healed! ~It’s Time To Break The Curse Of Sin In Your Life.


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