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Thursday 08-10-17


~1 John 3:8, “For This Purpose The Son Of God Was Manifested, That He Might Destroy The Works Of The Devil.” (NIV)

~That Was Jesus’ Assignment… It Was Adam And Eve’s Assignment… It Was The Disciples’ Assignment…

~And That Is Our Assignment As Well.

~We Are Not To Be Self-Commissioned, Relying On Our Ministry Gifts To Carry Out The Great Commission.

~Our Assignment Has Never Been About What We Can Do For God, But What Can God Do Through Us.

~To Be Of Any Use To The Kingdom, Our Minds Must Be Transformed. ~The Renewed Mind Reflects The Reality Of Another World… ~Ephesians 4:32, “Be Kind And Compassionate To One Another, Forgiving Each Other, Just As In Christ God Forgave You.” (NIV) ~To Be Of Any Use To The Kingdom, Our Minds Must Be Transformed.

~The Renewed Mind, Reflects The Reality Of Another World… ~The Transformed Perspective Is To Think From Heaven Toward Earth! ~That Is The Essence Of The Gospel: To Do Exactly What Jesus Did And Destroy The Works Of The Devil.

~That Is Normal Christianity: ~Miracles Are Normal. ~Salvation And Deliverance Are Normal.

~Revelation, Prophetic Insight, And Words Of Knowledge Are Normal.

~But To Return To That Original Mission, We Must Radically Change The Way We Think.

~We Must Repent And Renew Our Minds.


~Jeremiah 6:19, “Hear, O Earth! Behold, I Will Certainly Bring Calamity On This People… The Fruit Of Their Thoughts, Because They Have Not Heeded My Words Nor My Law, But Rejected It.” (NIV)

~Only A Renewed Mind Can Consistently Bring Kingdom Reality To The Earth.

~Renewing Your Mind Means Learning To Recognize What Comes From Hell, And What Comes From Heaven, And Then Agreeing With Heaven. ~This Is The Only Way You Will Complete Your Divine Assignment.


~Many Think That Jesus Did Miracles As God, Not Man… But By Himself Here On Earth, Jesus Had No Ability To Heal The Sick. ~By Himself, He Couldn’t Cast Out Devils, And He Had No Ability To Raise The Dead.

~John 5:19, “Then Jesus Answered And Said To Them, “Most Assuredly, I Say To You, The Son Can Do Nothing Of Himself, But What He Sees The Father Do; For Whatever He Does, The Son Also Does In Like Manner. (NKJ)

~He Had Set Aside His Divinity. ~He Did Miracles As Man In Right Relationship With God… Because He Was Setting Forth A Model For Us, That We Should Follow.

~Philippians 2:5-8, “Let This Mind Be In You All, Which Was Also In Christ Jesus, 6 Who, Being In The Form Of God, Did Not Consider Equality With God Something To Be Grasped. 7 But He Emptied Himself, Taking Upon Himself The Form Of A Servant, And Was Made In The Likeness Of Men. 8 And Being Found In The Form Of A Man, He Humbled Himself And Became Obedient To Death, Even Death On A Cross.” (Modern English Version) (See Also: The Message; The Amplified Version)


~Jesus Lived In Constant Confrontation And Conflict With The World Around Him, Because Kingdom Logic Goes Against Carnal Logic. ~Are You Living In Conflict With This World?

~Matthew 13:19, “When Anyone Hears The Word Of The Kingdom, And Does Not Understand It, Then The Wicked One Comes And Snatches Away What Was Sown In His Heart.” (NKJ).

~Are You Bringing The Reality Of Heaven, (Not Just The Doctrine Of Heaven), To Your Neighbors Or Coworkers?

~God’s Purpose Is To Raise Up A Delegated Group Of People Who Work With Him To Destroy The Works Of The Devil, Who Demonstrate And Prove The Will Of God Here On Earth As It Is In Heaven.


~God Wants To Switch Things Up… He Wants To Replace Your Heart With His Heart… The Heart Of Christ.

~If You Were A Car, God Would Want Control Of Your Engine. ~If You Were A Computer, God Would Claim The Software And The Hard Drive. ~If You Were An Airplane, He’d Take His Seat In The Cockpit. ~But You Are A Person, So God Wants To Change Your Heart.

~This Process Of Switching Hearts Is Not Always Pleasant… Because It Is A “Spiritual Surgical Process”.

~The Christian Life… It Is A Process Of Supernatural Transformation From What We Were Into Something New And Wonderful. ~Think About It… His Heart Vs. Our Heart…


~Jesus Can Change Our Hearts… He Wants Us To Have A Heart Like His!

~Our Hearts Seem So Far From His. ~His Is Pure; We Are Greedy. ~He Is Peaceful; We Are Hassled. ~He Is Purposeful; We Are Distracted. ~He Is Pleasant; We Are Cranky. ~He Is Supernatural; We Are Earthbound.

~Isn’t This Awesome? We Aren’t Stuck With Who We Were… Or With The Corruption Of Our Old Nature.

~You Don’t Have To Be Stuck With What You’ve Been, What You‘ve Done, Or Who Others Think You Are.

~Philippians 3:21, “Who, By The Power That Enables Him To Bring Everything Under His Control, Will Transform Our Lowly Bodies So That They Will Be Like His Glorious Body.” (NIV)

~We’re Not Stuck With Our Old Ways, Our Old Thinking… Our Old Habits… Our Old Life!

~We Are The Sons And The Daughters Of God… Let’s Begin To Live Like It!


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