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Thursday 08-17-17


~When Jesus Lived On Earth, He Had No Supernatural Capabilities In Himself. ~Everything He Did, He Did As A Man, Completely Dependent On The Holy Spirit.

~He Chose To Live With The Same Limitations And Restrictions That Man Would Face Once He Was Redeemed. ~John 5:19; ~John 14:12, “Most Assuredly, I Say To You, He Who Believes In Me, The Works That I Do He Will Do Also; And Greater Works Than These He Will Do, Because I Go To My Father.” (NKJ)

~To Fulfill His Mission, Jesus Needed The Holy Spirit;

~We Too Must Be Clothed With The Holy Spirit For Supernatural Ministry. ~The Disciples Need For Power Was So Great That They Were Not Allowed To Leave Jerusalem Until They Had Experienced What The Father Had Promised… ~They Needed The Power Of The Holy Spirit! ~Acts 1:4-5; (NKJ) ~Acts 2:4, “And They Were All Filled With The Holy Spirit And Began To Speak With Other Tongues, As The Spirit Gave Them Utterance.” (NKJ) ~Ephesians 5:18; ~Ephesians 1:3; ~Ephesians 4:30; ~John 14:12; ~Zechariah 12:8;


~Our Assignment Is To Invade The Impossible All Over The World.

~The Purpose Of Kingdom Power Is To Invade Society At Its Greatest Places Of Need.

~We Know Our Minds Are Renewed When The Impossible Looks Logical To Us.

~Kingdom Thinking Impacts Every Realm Of Society… The Businessman, The Educator, And The Politician Alike. ~The King Then Influences How Things Should Be Done, Revealing New Ways Of Impacting People In Our Given Spheres Of Influence.

~It Is Time To Take The Realms Of Influence Back And Impact Secular Society With The Good News Of God’s Kingdom. ~Haggai 2:7;


~Remember, Where The Church Is Silent, The World Only Hears One Voice… And It’s Not The Voice Of God! ~People Have A Void In Their Lives That Can Only Be Filled By God… They Just Don’t Realize That They Are Actually Crying Out For The King Of Kings And His Rule.

~That’s Where We Come In… Displaying His Love And Power, Representing Him Accurately.


~For Decades We’ve Ignored Our Spiritual Inheritance And Real Connection And Experience With God…

~The Last 2,000 Years Of History Show Us That A Revival Will Typically Come And Last Two To Four Years, Then Fade Out. ~But By Saying That Revival Is An Exception, True Christianity Is Dumbed Down To Its Lowest Level.

~Revival Is Not An Exception… It Is The Norm. ~For Believers… Signs, Wonders, And Miracles Must Be Normal. ~2 Corinthians 3:18, “So All Of Us Who Have Had That Veil Removed Can See And Reflect The Glory Of The Lord. And The Lord—Who Is The Spirit—Makes Us More And More Like Him As We Are Changed Into His Glorious Image.” (NLT)

~God Is Progressive In Every Move He Makes. ~The Nature Of His Kingdom Is Increase… ~Isaiah 9:7;

~The Tragedy Of Our Spiritual Human History Is… That Revival Comes And Goes Without Continuous Advancement. ~Subsequent Generations Build Monuments Around The Achievements Of The Previous Generation, But Do Not Completely Receive And Occupy Their Inherited Spiritual Territory.


~Preservation Is Not Revival. ~Supernatural Living Is Not Accidental… It Is Intentional! ~Revival Is A Fire That Either Advances Or Dies. ~In The Kingdom, Inherited Territory Must Be Advanced Or We Lose It. ~Matthew 25:14-29;


~This Kingdom Of God Only Knows Expansion! ~The Enemy Waits For The Opportunity To Move Into Unoccupied Territory. ~When The Victories Of Past Generations Go Unoccupied, They Become The Platform From Which The Enemy Mocks The Victories Of The Past Generation.


~We Must Recover Our Spiritual Inheritance. ~An Inheritance Is Receiving Something That Someone Else Paid A Price For.

~How Do We Receive This Spiritual Inheritance? Honor. ~Life Is Released From Honor.

~What We Receive In Our Inheritance Will Be Equal To The Honor We Give.

~John 17:22, “I Have Given Them The Glory You Gave Me, So They May Be One As We Are One.” (NLT)


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