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Thursday 08-31-17


~James 1:22-24, “Do Not Merely Listen To The Word, And So Deceive Yourselves. Do What It Says. 23 Anyone Who Listens To The Word But Does Not Do What It Says Is Like A Man Who Looks At His Face In A Mirror 24 And, After Looking At Himself, Goes Away And Immediately Forgets What He Looks Like.” (NIV)


~The Words Hearing And Listening Are Often Used Interchangeably But They Carry Very Different Meanings.

~It Is The Listening Heart That Will Move From The Natural To The Supernatural.

~Hearing Is Something That Occurs Passively – It Is Something We Have No Control Over.

~But Listening Is Something That Becomes A Mental Assent… And An Active Pursuit Of Hearing – It Is Something That We Have Control Over. ~Hearing Doesn’t Always Result In An Action – But Listening Always Does.


~God Wants People To Listen To Him. ~Yet, We Live In A World Where Many People Never Hear God… And They Certainly Do Not Listen To Him. ~And Sadly, So Much Of The Time, Even The People Who Do "Hear" Him, Aren’t Really Listening. ~How Do We Know? ~We Know By What They’re Doing!

~Listening Is Something That Is Active In Nature – Whereas Hearing Is Passive.

~Supernatural Transformation Occurs In Part When We Become Listeners – Not Merely Hearers Of God’s Voice.

~James 1:22, “But Be Doers Of The Word, And Not Hearers Only, Deceiving Yourselves.” (NKJ)

~James 1:22, “Don’t Fool Yourself Into Thinking That You Are A Listener When You Are Anything But, Letting The Word Go In One Ear And Out The Other. Act On What You Hear!” (MSG)

~James 1:22, “But Be Doers Of The Word [Obey The Message], And Not Merely Listeners To It, Betraying Yourselves [Into Deception By Reasoning Contrary To The Truth].” (AMP)

~Are You Able To Hear The Voice Of God In A World That Is Filled With Noise And Clatter? Are You Listening For The Message God Wants You To Hear? God Puts A Premium Upon Not Only Hearing – But Listening To His Voice.

~Matthew 7:24, "Therefore Everyone Who Hears These Words Of Mine And Puts Them Into Practice Is Like A Wise Man Who Built His House On The Rock.” (NIV)


~God Is Not Looking For A Second Hand (Surrogate) Relationship With Us. ~When God Asks For Your Attention, He Doesn’t Want You To Send A Substitute; He Wants You. ~He Wants To Spend Time With You.

~We Must Never Be Satisfied With Anything But A First-Hand Supernatural Experience Of Our Own.

~Galatians 2:20, "I Have Been Crucified With Christ And I No Longer Live, But Christ Lives In Me”. (NIV) ~Acts 3;

~John 5:2-10 (NLT) Jesus Asks A Man At The Pool Of Bethesda A Direct Question: “Would You Like To Get Well?”

~But Instead Of Answering The Question, The Man Gave The Lord Several Excuses (None Of Which Were His Fault) For Why He Wasn’t Already Well.

~It Was A Rather Strange Question… ~If You Were Sick For 38 Years, Wouldn’t You Want To Get Well?

~Well, Maybe And Maybe Not. ~Getting Healed Meant He Had To Become Responsible To Provide For Himself.

~Pay Close Attention To How Jesus Healed Him. ~He Commands! “Take Up Your Pallet And Walk!”

~The Wisdom Of God Comes From A Different Place… ~God Thinks From Eternity And Heaven… And He Realizes That We Are A Part Of A Divine Economy In Which The Actions In One Realm Have A Direct Effect In Another.

~Too Much Of The Time, We Are Not Listening… We Are Blabbering On About The Problems Of Earth Rather Than Tapping Into The Solutions From Heaven.

~The People Without The Mind Of Christ Look Into The Mirror Of This Life And Tend To Only See Their Own Reflection… And None Of God’s.

~So We Must At Times Be Reminded Not Only That Are We Triune Beings But We Are Also Alive In A Dimensional Realm... This Is Not All There Is!

~Ephesians 6:12, “For We Are Not Fighting Against Flesh-And-Blood Enemies, But Against Evil Rulers And Authorities Of The Unseen World, Against Mighty Powers In This Dark World, And Against Evil Spirits In The Heavenly Places.” (NLT).

~When We Move Into The Heavenly Realm We Are No Longer Hapless Victims Of Demonic Schemes.

~Instead We Become Partakers Of The Kingdom Life And The Victories That God Provides.


~As The People Of God We Must Walk In The Power Of God Right Now!

~We Must Be Filled With The Holy Spirit Of God And Receive The Wisdom Of God, And Do The Works Of God.

~We Are Commissioned To Bring Heaven Into This Earth And Show That God Is Alive By Showing His Power To Change The Course Of History In This Earth. ~Each And Every Day The World Wakes Up To The Bad News Of A Planet In Decay. ~Everywhere Depression And Death Seem To Be Pressing Into Our Minds And Stealing Away Our Courage. ~Yet In All Of This Confusion There Is Still A God Who Spoke This World Into Being And Declared It To Be “Very Good”… A Declaration That Perpetuates To This Day. ~Never Underestimate The Redemptive Power Of God’s Supernatural Ministry.

~You And I Have The Ability To Alter History For People Who Are Lost In Darkness And Broken Beyond Repair.

~Listen… God Is Calling… ~Don’t Disappoint Those Who Need To Hear And Listen!


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