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Thursday 09-14-17


~God speaks to us in so many different ways…

~When you are reading the Word, it starts off as the logos or written word, but soon it changes into the Rhema or living word of God and revelation starts to be released.

~Our minds are powerful. ~God created our minds to create, and we are creative beings.

~He communicates through images and symbols in a powerful way.

~Jesus spoke to His disciples in parables. Parables were like dreams… ~He used life symbols to communicate with the people.

~Just as a baby learns by identifying pictures first and from there the words start to flow, so too do we drink the milk before we can chew the meat. ~1 Corinthians 3:2, “I Fed You With Milk And Not With Solid Food; For Until Now You Were Not Able To Receive It, And Even Now You Are Still Not Able;” (NKJ)

~You may wonder why God doesn’t speak to us plainly and directly. ~Proverbs 25:2, Says, “It Is The Glory Of God To Conceal A Matter, But The Glory Of Kings Is To Search Out A Matter” (NKJ)


~God wants us to seek Him out, just like the Scriptures state: ~Matthew 6:33, “But Seek First The Kingdom Of God And His Righteousness, And All These Things Shall Be Added To You” (NKJ).

~He wants us to exercise our spiritual senses and come into maturity of hearing and knowing Him.

~He wants us to live in the realm of revelation. ~This scripture is a good example… ~2 Kings 6:15-17; (NKJ)

~It’s time we discover our heavenly positions as believers: ~Colossians 3:1-4, “Since You Have Been Raised To New Life With Christ, Set Your Sights On The Realities Of Heaven, Where Christ Sits In The Place Of Honor At God’s Right Hand. 2 Think About The Things Of Heaven, Not The Things Of Earth. 3 For You Died To This Life, And Your Real Life Is Hidden With Christ In God. 4 And When Christ, Who Is Your Life, Is Revealed To The Whole World, You Will Share In All His Glory.” (NLT)

~But Some people are too lazy to seek God themselves;

~God wants you to exercise your faith, taking dominion, and decreeing His promises into your life:

~2 Corinthians 1:20, “For No Matter How Many Promises God Has Made, They Are “Yes” In Christ. And So Through Him The “Amen” Is Spoken By Us To The Glory Of God.” (NIV)


~The three wise men were warned in a dream to take a different route back home in order to avoid Herod:

~Matthew 2:12, “Then, Being Divinely Warned In A Dream That They Should Not Return To Herod, They Departed For Their Own Country Another Way” (NKJ). ~You can have moments where your spirit man taps into the heavenly realm.

~The Scriptures indicate that there are three “heavens.”

~1. The first is the natural, Adamic realm where time, space, and matter exist.

~2. The second heaven is the spiritual dimension surrounding the earth and is where demonic activities can occur, along with angelic activities.

~3. The third heaven is where God’s home resides.

~Ephesians 6:12; (NKJ) ~2 Corinthians 12:21; (NKJ).

~We are made up of three elements… the mind, body, and spirit. ~The Holy Spirit communicates with us through our spirit man. ~The Holy Spirit speaks to us through His sovereignty operating through the subconscious/spirit mind.

~The enemy has no authority over us when we know who we are and use our authority correctly.~1 John 4:4, “You Are Of God, Little Children, And Have Overcome Them, Because He Who Is In You Is Greater Than He Who Is In The World.” (NKJ)

~So we have the authority to overcome all the powers of darkness! ~The enemy will attack, harass, and torment us through the mind. ~Luke 10:19; (NLT) ~The enemy knows that fear is his greatest weapon, and he wants to torment us through the use of fear by playing it out in our minds. ~Our minds are used for creating, but they can also work in a negative way by thriving on fear. ~Romans 13:14, “But Put On The Lord Jesus Christ, And Make No Provision For The Flesh, To Fulfill Its Lusts.” (NKJ). ~Matthew 5:28, Jesus said: “But I Say To You That Whoever Looks At A Woman To Lust For Her Has Already Committed Adultery With Her In His Heart.” (NKJ)

~That’s when something is activated in the spirit. When a man is using his imagination, he is using his spiritual eyes.

~In using his imagination in this way, a door can be opened to the spirit realm. ~If he is using it in an unholy way it opens up to the second heaven, which in this case attracts the spirit of lust. ~Matthew 5:29; (NKJ)


~Can you grasp this thought? Satan wants “his will” done on earth as it is in hell, but we can bring thoughts captive. ~2 Corinthians 2:5, “Casting Down Arguments And Every High Thing That Exalts Itself Against The Knowledge Of God, Bringing Every Thought Into Captivity To The Obedience Of Christ.” (NKJ) ~Mark 11:23-24; (NKJ)

~Believer, God can use you! He can empower you with His glory, and He can shine through you.

~Matthew 18:20, “For Where Two Or Three Are Gathered Together In My Name, I Am There In The Midst Of Them.” (NKJ)

~When your vocabulary lines up with the Word of God and the promises of Heaven, the answers to your prayers will be fast-tracked. ~Just be faithful and you will start to see and experience the miraculous.

~I encourage you to rise up and cultivate the Kingdom of God in this hour.


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