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Thursday 10-05-17


~2 Peter 1:12, “Wherefore I Will Not Be Negligent To Put You Always In Remembrance Of These Things, Though Ye Know Them, And Be Established In The Present Truth.” (KJV)

~(Modern English Version) “Therefore I Will Not Be Negligent To Always Remind You Of These Things, Though You Know Them And Are Established In The Truth That Is Present With You. (MEV)

~All Inspired Truth Is Necessary And Important Yet There Are Certain Truths Which God Emphasizes At Certain Times.

~He Is Ever Speaking To Each Age And Generation, And He Never Speaks At Random But Always To The Point And Always Concerning The Times. ~Man Has Become So Much In Love With Himself That He Is In Danger Of Overlooking God. ~The Devil Wants To Reduce Religion To A Human Science, Obliterating Everything That Cannot Be Explained On A Scientific, Rational Principle From Natural Causes. ~But This Is Against God's Revelation Of The Supernatural.

~This Bible Begins With God, And Also Ends With God.


~The Secret Of Abraham's Faith Was His Realization Of The Supernatural God.

~Romans 4:17, “(As It Is Written, I Have Made Thee A Father Of Many Nations,) Before Him Whom He Believed, Even God, Who Quickeneth The Dead, And Calleth Those Things Which Be Not As Though They Were.” (KJV)

~His Sovereignty And Supremacy Is All We Need. ~1 Peter 1:23-25, (NLT)

~The Word Of God Is The Door To The Supernatural Work Of God.


~For The Impossible To Become Possible, We Need To Believe In The Invisible Realm That The Word Of God Speaks About!

~1 Timothy 1:17, “Now To The King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, The Only God, Be Honor And Glory For Ever And Ever. Amen.” (NKJ)

~Hebrews 11:27, “By Faith He (Moses) Left Egypt, Not Fearing The King’s Anger; He Persevered Because He Saw Him Who Is Invisible.” (NIV)

~So How Do We Relate To An Invisible God?

~1. Through Creation ~Romans 1:20; (NIV)

~2. Through Jesus ~Colossians 1:15,16; (NKJ)

~3. Through Prayer ~Matthew 6:6; (NKJ)

~Our Battle Is Against An Invisible Enemy…~Ephesians 6:12; (NKJ & NLT) ~Matthew 16:17-19; (NIV)

~To Receive The Impossible We Need To Believe In The Invisible! ~Our Invisible God Always Works From The Invisible Into The Visible!


~Human Beings Are Made Up Of Three Parts:

~1. Spirit (The Essence Of Our Being As Created In The Image Of God),

~2. Soul (Mind, Will, And Emotions),

~3. Body ~1 Thessalonians 5:23, “Now May The God Of Peace Himself Sanctify You Completely; And May Your Whole Spirit, Soul, And Body Be Preserved Blameless At The Coming Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” (NKJ)

~Revelation Is The Knowledge Of God Revealed To Our Spirits, And It Is Received By Spiritually Seeing, Hearing, And Perceiving.

~Revelation From God Allows Us To Suddenly Understand Something Without The Aid Of The Natural Senses.

~In The Beginning, Human Beings Were Created To Enjoy And Exercise God’s Supernatural Power As They Carried Out Dominion And Rule Over The Earth. ~Genesis 1:27–28; (NKJ)

~After Adam And Eve Sinned, The Physical Realm Of Time, Space And Matter Became The Foundation Of Their Reality… They Lost The Ability To “See” Into The Spiritual Realm. ~Romans 8:8, “So Then, Those Who Are In The Flesh [Carnal] Cannot Please God.” (NKJ)


~Unless We Continually Renew Our Mind, Our Intellect Tends To Remain In The Natural Dimension, Thereby Creating Limitations In Our Lives.

~It Is When We Totally Surrender The Mind To The Lord That He Fills It With His Thoughts.

~Romans 12:1-2, “I Beseech You Therefore, Brethren, By The Mercies Of God, That You Present Your Bodies A Living Sacrifice, Holy, Acceptable To God, Which Is Your Reasonable Service. And Do Not Be Conformed To This World, But Be Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind, That You May Prove What Is That Good And Acceptable And Perfect Will Of God.” (NKJ) (MESSAGE)


~God Gave Us Faith That Enables Us To Move Beyond The Natural Realm And To Tap Into His Supernatural Sphere And Revelation Knowledge. ~1 Corinthians 2:9–11; (NKJ)

~The Supernatural Realm Is The Realm Where Miracles Occur. ~Common Sense, Logic, And Reason Cannot Produce Miracles…

~Sensory Knowledge Cannot Fully Explain The Origin Of Creation Or The Beginning Of Matter.

~Faith Is The Only Way To Know God And To Relate To His Supernatural And Invisible Realm.


~He Is Made Unto Us Our Righteousness Of God, Our Sanctification Just In Order That We May Not Glory In Our Own Goodness But May Recognize Everything We Are And Do As The Grace Of Christ. ~Wonder Of Wonders! Mystery Of Mysteries! Miracle Of Miracles!

~Can You See That The Hand Of The Child Touching The Arm Of The Father Moves The Wheels Of The Universe.

~Beloved, This Is Our Supernatural Moment And Place… Over Its Gates We Read This Inspiring Invitation… "Thus Says The Lord… Call Unto Me, And I Will Answer You, And Show You Great And Mighty Things, Which You Do Not Know." (Jeremiah 33:3, NJK)


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