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Thursday 10-19-17


~Psalm 27:4; ~Isaiah 26:3; God Longs To Be Manifested In The Presence Of His People. ~John 1:14; ~Revelation 21:3; ~John 12:32, “And I, If I Be Lifted Up From The Earth, Will Draw All Men Unto Me.” (KJV)

~God’s Original Intent For The Church Was To Be A Meeting Place Between God And Man. ~2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My People, Which Are Called By My Name, Shall Humble Themselves, And Pray, And Seek My Face, And Turn From Their Wicked Ways; Then Will I Hear From Heaven, And Will Forgive Their Sin, And Will Heal Their Land.” (KJV) ~Prayer Is Petitioning… Seeking His Face Is Positioning.


~The Coming Revival In The Earth Is Not About Sermons And Information… It’s About Worship And Impartation. ~John 14:23, “Jesus Answered And Said To Him, “If Anyone Loves Me, He Will Keep My Word; And My Father Will Love Him, And We Will Come To Him And Make Our Home With Him.” (NKJ)

~Remember This… The Suddenly Of God Requires The Waiting Of Man. ~Acts 2:1-4;

~Your Atmosphere Is Important To God!

~The Angels Stirred The Waters Of Bethesda And An Atmosphere For Healing Was Released. ~John 5:2-3, “Now There Is In Jerusalem By The Sheep Gate A Pool, Which Is Called In Hebrew, Bethesda, Having Five Porches. 3 In These Lay A Great Multitude Of Sick People, Blind, Lame, Paralyzed, Waiting For The Moving Of The Water.” (NKJ)

~An Atmosphere For Deliverance Was Created When David The Psalmist Began To Play Music Upon The Harp. ~1 Samuel 16:23, “And So It Was, Whenever The Spirit From God Was Upon Saul, That David Would Take A Harp And Play It With His Hand. Then Saul Would Become Refreshed And Well, And The Distressing Spirit Would Depart From Him.” (NKJ)

~When The Widow Gave Generously Of Her Last Meal, It Set Into Motion An Atmosphere For Supernatural Prosperity That Released Multiplication Into Her Life. ~1 Kings 17:15-16, “So She Went Away And Did According To The Word Of Elijah; And She And He And Her Household Ate For Many Days. 16 The Bin Of Flour Was Not Used Up, Nor Did The Jar Of Oil Run Dry, According To The Word Of The LORD Which He Spoke By Elijah.” (NKJ)

~God Wants You To Live A Lifestyle In An Atmosphere Of The Miraculous Every Day Of Your Life!
~Revelation 3:14-16, “To The Angel Of The Church In Laodicea Write: These Are The Words Of The Amen, The Faithful And True Witness, The Ruler Of God’s Creation. I Know Your Deeds, That You Are Neither Cold Nor Hot. I Wish You Were Either One Or The Other! So, Because You Are Lukewarm – Neither Hot Nor Cold – I Am About To Spit You Out Of My Mouth.” (NIV)

~There Are Some Very Well-Meaning Christian People Who Go From Church To Church With Their Spiritual Finger In The Air “Detecting” The Spiritual Temperature. ~God Has Not Called You To Be A Thermometer Of His Holy Spirit. ~And, The Lord Never Asked You Or Me To Make Pious Comments Or Judgmental Remarks About Other Churches, Fellowships, Denominations Or Geographical Regions. God Has Given Each Believer The Responsibility For Themselves… To Set Their Own Personal Temperature For An On-Fire Revival. ~Don’t Complain Any Longer About The Circumstances That Other People Have Determined For You. ~Determine To Change The Atmosphere And Create A Climate For Miracles Because You Are A Spiritual Thermostat. ~Your Praise Sets A New Temperature And Creates Climate Change!


~Acts 17:28, “For In Him We Live And Move And Have Our Being” (NIV)

~When You Truly Begin To Praise God, Something Happens. ~You Are Taken From Your Circumstance, Situation, Trial And Tribulation Into The Fullness Of His Presence, Into The Realm Of Victory. ~Your Praise Is The Voice Of Faith Which Releases The Victory.

~We Don’t Praise Him Because Of What We’re Going Through… We Praise Him Because Of Where We’re Going To! ~Key: The Battle Is Not Yours; It Belongs To The Lord.

~In The Realm Of Glory We Must Move From Warfare To Worship. ~That Changes The Culture!

~Our Praise Changes The Temperature… Worship Sustains The Realm Of Victory! ~1 Corinthians 14:33;

~I’m Believing And Praying For A Climate Change That Will Bring About A Cultural Change In The Life Of Every Believer… Where A Sustained Climate In The Holy Spirit Creates A Culture… And People Begin To Respond To That Atmosphere And Culture That Creates A Change Of Spiritual, Nation Changing, Miracle Working Lifestyles.


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