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Thursday 11-09-17


~To Be Favored Means: To Be Provided With Advantages, Specially Privileged.

~The Technical Greek Definition Of Favor: "To Have The Peculiar Signature Of God’s Favor, Honor Or Cherishing Value On You So That When He Sees You, He Sees A Special Value That He Has For You. ~That Means… God Really Likes You!"


~Keys To Living In The Supernatural Favor Of The Lord

~1. Live In The Supernatural Favor Of The Lord Through Prayer. ~Matthew 6:33; ~James 5:15-18;

~2. Live In The Supernatural Favor Of The Lord Through Faith. ~Matthew 9:29; ~Hebrews 11:6;

~3. Supernatural Favor Comes Through Your Obedience. ~Isaiah 1:19-20; ~Job 36:11;


~Look At Joseph – In Genesis 39, The Whole Story Speaks Of His Commitment To God, His Total Unconditional Surrender, Absolute Purity, And Kingdom Thinking… That Brought Favor From God And Man!


~But This Is Not Just An Old Testament Truth… Look At The New Testament Church.

~Acts 2:42-47; ~1. Devotion; ~2. Teaching; ~3. Fellowship; ~4. Communion; ~5. Prayer; ~6. Signs And Wonders; ~7. Sharing; ~8. Corporate Worship; ~9. Gladness; ~10. Sincerity; ~11. Praise;


~Teaching And Knowledge Must Be Mixed With Understanding.

~1. Teaching (Where Knowledge Is Imparted) ~Proverbs 13:14-15; ~Isaiah 5:13;

~2. Illumination (Light Comes On).

~3. Revelation (The Veil Is Removed).

~4. Transformation (Change Begins To Happen).

~5. Manifestation (Favor Begins To Materialize).


7 Observations Related To Favor That Will Increase Your Understanding.

~1. Supernatural Favor Comes To Those Who Do What Is Right! ~1 Peter 2:19-20;

~2. When Supernatural Favor Is Upon Us, The Works Of Our Hands Are Confirmed! ~Psalm 90:17;

~3. Speaking The Truth Brings Supernatural Favor! ~Proverbs 28:23; ~Ephesians 4:15;

~4. Supernatural Favor Doesn’t Always Translate Into Riches! ~Proverbs 22:1;

~5. Ability Does Not Always Bring Supernatural Favor! ~Ecclesiastes 9:10-11;

~6. Supernatural Favor Serves As A Shield! ~Psalm 5:12; ~Psalm 3:3; ~Psalm 84:11;

~7. Supernatural Favor Takes Away Disgrace! ~Luke 1:24-25;


~No Longer Are We Defined By Our Past Sins… In His Favor We Now Find Ourselves Defined By God’s Awesome Hand Upon Our Lives.


~We Go After God’s Favor With Three Things In Mind:

~1. Total Unconditional Surrender

~2. Absolute Purity

~3. Supernatural Thinking… Having The Mind Of Christ.


~God’s Word Speaks Of Favor With God And With Man. ~1 Samuel 2:26; ~Luke 2:52;


~Proverbs 8:34, “Whosoever Findeth Me Findeth Life, And Shall Obtain Favor Of The Lord.”

~Proverbs 14:9, “Fools Make A Mock Of Sin, But Among The Righteous There Is Favor.” - ~Proverbs 22:1, “A Good Name Is To Be Chosen Rather Than Great Riches, And Loving Favor Rather Than Silver Or Gold.”


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