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Thursday 01-18-18


~I Have Good News For You… Our God Is Still A Miracle Working God!

~Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ Is The Same Yesterday And Today And Forever.” (NIV)

~Some Christians Don’t Ask For Their Miracles Because They Do Not Understand That They Can Have Them.

~They Have Been Taught That Miracles Are No Longer Valid Today… But Wow! Are They Wrong!

~Mark 16:17-18, “And These Signs Shall Follow Them That Believe; In My Name Shall They Cast Out Devils; They Shall Speak With New Tongues; 18 They Shall Take Up Serpents; And If They Drink Any Deadly Thing, It Shall Not Hurt Them; They Shall Lay Hands On The Sick, And They Shall Recover.” (KJV)

~You Do Not Have To Understand Miracles In Order To Receive A Miracle. ~Question: Do You Completely Understand How Food Is Converted Into Energy When You Eat It? So, Are Going To Stop Eating Food Until You Fully Understand How It Works? ~If You Are Willing To Experience Only What Your Carnal Mind Can Understand, Then You Will Live A Shallow And Empty Life… And You Will Never Experience A Miracle. ~Faith Moves Before It Sees.


~In Mark Chapter 1, Jesus Began His Public Ministry In The City Of Capernaum. Jesus Demonstrated Great Supernatural Power. He Cast Out Demons And Healed Diseases Of Every Sort.

~Mark 1:32-34, “That Evening After Sunset The People Brought To Jesus All The Sick And Demon-Possessed. 33. The Whole Town Gathered At The Door, 34. And Jesus Healed Many Who Had Various Diseases…” (NIV)

~We Must Be Careful To Remember That The Message Of The Word Of God Is Supreme. It Seems That The Miracles He Performed Eclipsed His Message! ~The People Flocked To Jesus And To Observe What He Would Do Next. ~Each Miracle Left Them Wanting More Miracles… ~They Wanted To See The Show! ~But Look At This…

~Mark 1:38-39, “Jesus Replied, “Let Us Go Somewhere Else—To The Nearby Villages—So I Can Preach There Also. That Is Why I Have Come.” 39. So He Traveled Throughout Galilee, Preaching In Their Synagogues And Driving Out Demons.” (NIV)

~Capernaum Had A Problem! ~This City Valued The Miracles More Than The Message Or The Messiah.

~They Came Primarily For The Spectacular! ~They Rejected The True Supernatural Of God… Eternal Life.

~As A Result, Jesus Later Pronounced A Curse Upon This City. ~Luke 10:13-15;

~Those Who Have Received Much (Been Blessed Abundantly) From The Hand Of The Lord And Then Reject It, Will Face The Greater Judgment. ~Luke 12:48, “From Everyone Who Has Been Given Much, Much Will Be Demanded; And From The One Who Has Been Entrusted With Much, Much More Will Be Asked.” (NIV)


~Desperate People Do Not Care What Anyone Thinks. ~They Do Not Care What Anyone Says. ~They Will Go Where No One Else Will Go. ~They Won’t Let Anything Stop Them. ~They Will Do Desperate Things. ~Emptiness Is The Prerequisite For Desperation. ~Desperation Is The Condition That Exists When A Present Need Is Recognized.
~Not Enough People Are Hungry For The Supernatural… Too Many Only Want To See More Of The Spectacular.
~Too Few People Are Truly Desperate For More Of Jesus… They Just Want His Miracles.
~There Are Many Blessings And Promises Of God That Cannot Be Obtained Without Becoming Desperate For Him.


~So, Jesus Is Preaching To The Crowd… And Four Men Bring Their Paralyzed Friend To Jesus In An Unusual Way.

~They Had Desperate Faith! And Desperate Faith Opens The Door Into The Supernatural And Miracles Follow!

~These Desperate Men Were Willing To Do Whatever It Took To Get Their Friend Into The Presence Of The Lord.

~The Bible Says That “Jesus Saw Their Faith”. ~They Push Through The Crowd… ~They Refuse To Be Offended.

~They Gladly Give Up Their Dignity For An Encounter With His Deity. ~The Proud Become The Humble At The Feet Of Jesus. ~The Desperate Will Break Barriers Of Political Correctness And Societal Manners. ~They Will Lay In The Dirt… Or Climb A Tree… Or Walk On The Water. ~Do Not Argue With Your Miracle!


~So In Mark 2:4, The Paralyzed Man Is Lowered Into The Service Where Jesus Was Preaching.

~Then, Jesus Says, “Son, Your Sins Are Forgiven.”

~While This Man, And Everyone Else, Thought That His Greatest Problem Was The Paralysis, Jesus Knew The Truth!

~Sin Was His Greatest Problem & Jesus Dealt With It First! ~Some Self-Righteous Scribes Were There. ~Mark 2:6-7;

~They Understood The Words Of Jesus As A Claim To Be God And They Accused Him Of Blasphemy. ~Mark 2:8-12

~So Jesus Uses The “Physical Spectacular” To Prove The “Supernatural Of God”.

~Remember, The Results Of Desperate Faith Is Something That Can Be Seen By Others! And When The Crowds See This Miracle, They Begin To Praise The Lord… But, They Have Completely Missed The Point.

~The People Chose To See The Miracle Rather Than Hear The Message! ~We Must Never Choose The Spectacular Over The Supernatural. ~It Is The Message Of God’s Word That Moves Us Into The Supernatural And Into Our Miracle Today! ~Blessed Are The Desperate… ~They Will Tear Off The Roof! ~They Will Step Out Of The Boat And Walk On The Water! ~They Will Press Through The Crowd To Touch The Hem Of His Garment!

~The Desperate Will Do Whatever It Takes… To Get To What God Has Promised Them.


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