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Thursday 02-08-18


~Genesis 26:18, “And Isaac Dug Again The Wells Of Water Which They Had Dug In The Days Of Abraham His Father, For The Philistines Had Stopped Them Up After The Death Of Abraham. He Called Them By The Names Which His Father Had Called Them.” (NKJ)

~The People In Abraham’s Generation Had Enjoyed The Refreshing Of Those Wells.

~But Their Enemies Had Come Along And Stopped Up Those Wells And Filled Them With Dirt So That They Couldn’t Access The Water Any Longer.

~But Later, Abraham’s Son Isaac Began To Re-dig Those Wells.

~He Recognized That There Was A Place Of Refreshing There, And Re-dug The Wells From The Days Of His Father.

~We Need The Power Of God Today… God Is Calling Us To Re-dig Some Of The Wells Of The Early Church.


~You See A Powerful And A Glorious Church In The Book Of Acts. ~People Saved, Delivered And Healed… Lives Changed And Set Free By The Power And Person Of Jesus Christ. ~If We Want To See The Same Power… Signs, Wonders, Healings And Miracles As The Church In The Book Of Acts, Then We Must Have The Same Priority Of Prayer As They Did. ~We Need The Gifts Of The Spirit, We Need The Power Of God In The Church Today.

~Because Today, People Are More Broken - Lives Are More Fractured, Life Doesn’t Make Sense For People.

~Haggai 2:9 “The Glory Of This Latter Temple Shall Be Greater Than The Former,’ Says The Lord Of Hosts.” (NKJ)

~When We Become Desperate And Hungry For God, And We Say, “We Want To Know You In A Very Real And A Personal Way Where Our Lives Are Changed…” Things Will Start Happening!

~Jeremiah 29:13, "And You Will Seek Me And Find Me, When You Search For Me With All Your Heart." (NKJ)

~The Power Of Jesus Christ Has Not Changed. ~It’s Not That He’s Stopped Healing The Sick And Raising The Dead. ~If We’re Not Seeing It, It’s Because We’re Not Seeking It. ~We’re Not Contending For It.

~Matthew 10:7-8, "These Signs Will Follow Those Who Believe, They Will Lay Hands On The Sick And They Will Recover." Jesus Said, "And As You Go, Preach, Saying, ’The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand.’ Heal The Sick, Cleanse The Lepers, Raise The Dead, Cast Out Demons. Freely You Have Received, Freely Give" (NKJ).

~The Supernatural Happens When We Start Re-digging The Wells Of The Early Church In The Book Of Acts.

~Those Are Our Roots, And Its Time To Return To Our Foundations. ~Mark 11:17, "Then Jesus Taught, Saying To Them, "Is It Not Written, ‘My House Shall Be Called A House Of Prayer For All Nations’?” (NKJ)

~We Have Praise And Worship. ~We Have Preaching. ~We Have Fellowship. ~But Jesus Did Not Say That My House Will Be A House Of Praise And Worship Or A House Of Preaching… ~Those Things Are Good And Important…

~But Jesus Said First And Foremost My House Will Be Called A House Of Prayer For All Nations.

~In Most Churches, The Prayer Meeting Is The Least Attended Meeting In The Church.

~People Will Come For Worship, Food, Fellowship, Teaching Or Discipleship, But Not For Prayer Meetings.

~Why Aren’t We Seeing More Of The Power Of God In Our Midst? ~We’re Not Seeking For It And Praying For It.

~James 4:2, "You Have Not Because You Ask Not.” (NKJ)

~Four Times In Just The First Two Chapters Of The Book Of Acts, We See The Church Praying.

~Acts 1:14, “These All With One Mind Were Continually Devoting Themselves To Prayer.”

~Acts 1:24, “And They Prayed.” ~Acts 2:1-4, “And They Were All With One Accord (Praying Together) … And They Were All Filled With The Spirit.”

~Acts 2:42, “They Were Continually Devoting Themselves To…Teaching, Fellowship…And Prayer.”


~There Are Three Things That Were Foundational Keys To The Original Church –The Blueprint That God Gave Us.

~1. We Need The Presence Of God. ~As Revival Preacher Leonard Ravenhill Wrote, “There Was A Time When People Came To Church To Meet With God. Now They Come To Sing Songs About Him.” ~Matthew 18:19;

~2. We Need The Power Of God. ~The Early Believers Expected The Supernatural Power Of God To Be Expressed In Their Midst When They Gathered. ~Mark 16:15-20;

~3. We Need Participation By All. ~We Need To Change The Mentality Of Coming To Church To Be A Spectator. ~We All Have Something To Give.

~What’s Your Gift? What Has God Gifted You To Do? ~1 Corinthians 14:26; ~Ephesians 4:12; ~Every Member Of Christ’s Body Is A Minister! ~Acts 3:1-11; ~Come To Church With An Atmosphere Of Faith That Says, “God, We Believe That You’re Going To Move.” ~Acts 4:23-24; ~Acts 4:29-31;


~Don’t Know How To Pray? Here Are Some Scriptures To Pray Daily Over Yourself And Your Family: ~Ephesians 1:17-19; ~Ephesians 3:14-21;

~Philippians 1:9-11; ~Colossians 1:9-11; ~Psalm 23; ~Psalm 91; ~Psalm 103; ~Isaiah 57;

~1. We Need To Pray Together As A Church.

~2. We Need To Remind Ourselves Of Who God Is And What He Has Done.

~3. We Need To Ask God To Give Us Boldness To Speak His Word.

~4. We Need To Ask God To Perform Signs And Wonders.

~5. We Need To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit Again And Again Every Day. ~Revelation 2:4;

~God Is Calling Us, As A Church, To Be So Hungry For Him, That We Begin To Re-dig The Wells Of Prayer So We Can Experience More Of The Supernatural Of God!


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