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Thursday 02-13-20

~1. Angels Are Spirit Beings.

~Hebrews 1:13 & 14, And Did God Ever Say To An Angel, As He Does To His Son, “Sit Here Beside Me In Honor Until I Crush All Your Enemies Beneath Your Feet”! 14 No, For The Angels Are Only Spirit-Messengers Sent Out To Help And Care For Those Who Are To Receive His Salvation. (LB)
~2. Angels Are Supernaturally Powerful Beings.
~3. Angels Are Loving, Joyful, Intelligent Personal Beings.
~4. Angels Are Not Gods.

~5. Angels Are Not The Spirits Of People Who Have Died.
~6. Angels Are Our Allies In The Struggle Against Sin, Evil, And The Darkness Of Satan. ~Psalm 91:11-14 (NKJ)

~Angels Ministered To Jesus Throughout His Ministry. ~In Luke 1, They Announced His Coming To Mary, And To Joseph Separately. ~Angels Told Them When To Flee Into Egypt. ~And They Spoke To The Shepherds.

~After Jesus’ Temptation, Matthew 4:11 (NKJ) “Then The Devil Left Him, And Behold, Angels Came And Ministered To Him.”
~In The Garden Of Gethsemane God Sent An Angel To Strengthen Jesus In Time Of Weakness. ~Luke 22:43 (NKJ)

~Angels Have A Final Duty To Jesus When He Returns Again For Us! ~Matthew 25:31 (NKJ) “When The Son Of Man Shall Come In His Glory, And All The Holy Angels With Him, Then Shall He Sit Upon The Throne Of His Glory.”

~12 Legions Of Angels Were Waiting To Rescue Him From The Cross If He Only Said The Word. ~At The Tomb. It Was An Angel That Rolled The Stone Away. ~In Luke 24:6 (NKJ) It Was An Angel Who Proclaimed “He Is Not Here, For He Is Risen!” ~An Angel Asked At His Ascension In Acts 1 (KJV) “Why Stand Ye Gazing Up?”

~The Bible Teaches That We, As Members Of The Body Of Christ, Minister To The Angels.

~I Corinthians 4:9 (NKJ) “For It Seems To Me That God Has Put Us Apostles On Display At The End Of The Procession, Like Those Condemned To Die In The Arena. We Have Been Made A Spectacle To The Whole Universe, To Angels As Well As To Human Beings.” ~1 Timothy 5:21 (NKJ) “I Solemnly Command You, In The Presence Of God And Christ Jesus And The Holy Angels, To Obey These Instructions Without Taking Sides Or Showing Favoritism To Anyone.”

~Angels Are Learning About God’s Wisdom By Observing Us. ~They Are Not Omniscient… They Are Limited In Their Knowledge. ~But They Have The Capacity To Learn. ~There Are Things They Have Not Experienced And Do Not Fully Understand. ~1 Peter 1:10-12 (NKJ)Of This Salvation The Prophets Have Inquired And Searched Carefully, Who Prophesied Of The Grace That Would Come To You, 11 Searching What, Or What Manner Of Time, The Spirit Of Christ Who Was In Them Was Indicating When He Testified Beforehand The Sufferings Of Christ And The Glories That Would Follow. 12 To Them It Was Revealed That, Not To Themselves, But To Us They Were Ministering The Things Which Now Have Been Reported To You Through Those Who Have Preached The Gospel To You By The Holy Spirit Sent From Heaven... Things Which Angels Desire To Look Into.”

~There Are Also The Fallen Angels Or Demons…~This Is The Darker Side Of This Spiritual Realm That Surrounds Us. ~Like Angels, Demons Are Spiritual Beings. Jesus Referred To Them Often As “Evil.” ~Revelation 12:7-9 (NIV)

~1 Corinthians 2:7-8 (NKJ) ~The Conflict Between God And Satan Was Never About Power, It Was Always About Wisdom. ~Satan Claimed To Be “Wiser Than God”.

~The Cross Is The Focal Point Of God’s Master Plan. ~This Answers 2 Major Questions:
~1. Why Does Satan Hate Us Believers So Much? ~Because, Everyday We Are A Reminder Of His Embarrassing Loss At The Cross Of Calvary!
~2. Why Are Angels Following Us Around? ~To Learn Of The Grace And Wisdom Of God And His Redemptive Salvation. ~Ephesians 3:9-10 (NKJ)

~Did You Know That You Are Teaching The Angels About Faith And Obedience And Love And Grace?
~What Are They Learning From You… About Loving God With A Pure Heart, And Loving Others More Than Yourself, And Following Jesus’ Commands, And Being Faithful In Every Way Possible? ~Hebrews 12:1 (KJV)

~1 John 4:4, “Little Children, You Are Of God [You Belong To Him] And Have [Already] Defeated And Overcome Them [The Agents Of The Antichrist], Because He Who Lives In You Is Greater (Mightier) Than He Who Is In The World.” (AMP)


Feb 13 2020


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