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Who Controls My Words

                                                                                  WHO CONTROLS MY WORDS?

Thursday 02-20-20

~James 1:26 (NLT) "If You Claim To Be Religious But Don’t Control Your Tongue, You Are Fooling Yourself, And Your Religion Is Worthless.”

~James 3:5-6 & 8 (NLT) “In The Same Way, The Tongue Is A Small Thing That Makes Grand Speeches. But A Tiny Spark Can Set A Great Forest On Fire. 6 And Among All The Parts Of The Body, The Tongue Is A Flame Of Fire. It Is A Whole World Of Wickedness, Corrupting Your Entire Body. It Can Set Your Whole Life On Fire, For It Is Set On Fire By Hell Itself... 8 But No One Can Tame The Tongue. It Is Restless And Evil, Full Of Deadly Poison.

~God's Word That Is Conceived In Your Heart, Then Formed By The Tongue, And Spoken Out Of Your Own Mouth, Becomes A Spiritual Force Releasing The Ability Of God Within You.

~Philippians 4:13 (NKJ) "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengthens Me.”

~John 1:1 (NKJ) "In The Beginning Was The Word, And The Word Was With God, And The Word Was God."

~Many Christians Have Been Taken Captive By Their Own Prayers. ~We Have Prayed Defeat And Received It. ~We Have Prayed The Problem And It Became Greater. ~Even Prayer Produces After Its Own Kind.

~Mark 11:24 (KJV) "What Things Soever Ye Desire, When Ye Pray, Believe That Ye Receive Them, And Ye Shall Have Them."

~If We Believe This Principle, The Wrong Choice Of Words Can Cause Even Your Prayers To Work Against You.

~Maybe You Have Prayed, "Lord, I've Got This Problem That I’ve Prayed About Before, And It Keeps Getting Worse."

~Look At What You Have Done… ~1. You Have Prayed The Problem, And Not The Answer. ~The Word Said, Pray The Things You Desire. If You Desire The Answer And Not The Problem… Change Your Prayer. ~2. You Have Released Your Faith Into The Area Of The Ability Of The Enemy. ~You Have Only Made It Worse. Your Words Established That Prayer Doesn't Work And Things Are Getting Worse.

~Can You See That You Have Denied The Word Of God? ~We Pray These Kinds Of Prayers Because Of The Lack Of Knowledge.

~Hosea 4:6 (NKJ) "My People Are Destroyed (Cut Off) For Lack Of Knowledge..."

~Words Are Important! ~Become Word Conscious. ~Words Are Like Little Seeds That Produce After Their Kind. ~We Must Learn To Pray According To The Word Of God. ~You Release The Ability Of Satan When You Start Saying What He Said. ~Fear Activates The Devil... But Faith Words Bring God On The Scene.

~Before You Speak, Ask Yourself, "Who Said That? What Is The Source Of These Words?" ~If You Start Speaking What He Said, He Can Put Trouble In Your Life And All Your Praying Won't Help You At All.

~Matthew 16:19 (KJV) "I Will Give Unto Thee The Keys Of The Kingdom Of Heaven: And Whatsoever Thou Shalt Bind On Earth Shall Be Bound In Heaven: And Whatsoever Thou Shalt Loose On Earth Shall Be Loosed In Heaven". (MSG) ~You’ve Already Won The Battle Through Jesus Christ!

~I John 4:4 (NKJ)  "Greater Is He That's Within Me Than He That Is In The World" ~Revelation 12:11 (KJV) "And They Overcame Him By The Blood Of The Lamb, And By The Word Of Their Testimony."  ~1 John 5:4 (NKJ) “For Whatever Is Born Of God Overcomes The World. And This Is The Victory That Has Overcome The World... Our Faith.”  ~The Prayer Of Faith Moves God… And Causes Activity To Begin In The Halls Of Heaven.

~It Is The Word Abiding In You That Causes Faith To Be Present In Your Words. ~John 15:7-8 (KJV) "If Ye Abide In Me, And My Words Abide In You, Ye Shall Ask What Ye Will, And It Shall Be Done Unto You. Herein Is My Father Glorified, That Ye Bear Much Fruit; So Shall Ye Be My Disciples.”

~God's Creative Power Is Still In His Word, Just As It Was When He Stood There, In The Beginning Of Time, And Said, "Light, Be" And It Was.

~John 1:1 (NKJ) "In The Beginning Was The Word, And The Word Was With God, And The Word Was God" ~Proverbs 4:20-22 (NKJ) ~Matthew 10:32 (NKJ)

~Speak God's Words And They Will Work For You. ~They Must Be Your Core... ~They Must Become A Part Of You… ~I John 5:15 (NLT)

~Sometimes We Say, "I Don't Know What To Do; Or… That Won't Work; Or… I Don't Believe That's Going To Work Out."  ~Then We Try To Pray About It! ~But We’re Praying The Exact Opposite Of What We Have Been Saying. ~When We Do That, We Are Trying To Pray In Faith, But We Are Filled With Doubt And Don’t Believe It Is Going To Happen… ~We Are Trying To Believe... While In Unbelief!

~Some People Actually Have Faith In Unbelief. ~That Is What You Are Doing When You Say, "I Can't Do What The Word Says I Can Do."

~Speak Out The Word… ~Renew Your Thinking And Fill Your Mind With The Truth. ~Begin Speaking The Word Of God Over Your Life Consistently… Daily… And Change Will Begin! ~Do Not Let Circumstances Stop You From Speaking It Out In Faith And Then… ~Your Heart Will Begin To Agree With Your Words! ~Mark 11:24 (KJV) “Therefore I Say To You, Whatever Things You Ask When You Pray, Believe That You Receive Them, And You Will Have Them.” ~Prayer Doesn't Work Without Faith... And Faith Doesn’t Work Without Words! ~2 Corinthians 4:13 (NKJ)

~You Must Train Yourself To Speak God's Word... And Then “DO” The Word. ~Ephesians 5:1 (NKJ) ~John 5:19 (NKJ) ~Jesus Said, “I Do That Which I See My Father Do” ~Jesus Knew How To Operate In The Authority Of God's Word.

~Speak To Sickness: Command Sickness To Go In Jesus Name! ~Speak Out... 1 Peter 2:24 (NKJ)

~Speak To Your Finances: If You Have A Need In Finances… Speak Out... Philippians 4:19 (NKJ)

~No Matter What The Problem Is In Your Life Today… Health, Marriage, Finances, Children, Etc... ~Speak Out The Word!

~Find “Your” Promise From The Word Of God… ~Then, Begin Thanking God For These Promises And Begin Speaking Them Out As If They Were Already Manifested In Your Life. ~Use Your Mouth And Your Words As A Weapon Against Satan And His Forces!

~Psalm 19:14 (NKJ) “Let The Words Of My Mouth, And The Meditation Of My Heart, Be Acceptable In Your Sight, Oh Lord, My Strength, And My Redeemer.”

~Speak Your Present And Your Future... Not Your Past… ~Speak Faith Not Fear… ~Speak Salvation Not Destruction…   ~Speak Healing Not Sickness… ~Speak Encouragement Not Discouragement…  ~Speak Love Not Hate… ~Speak Favor Not Judgement…    ~Speak Prosperity Not Lack… ~Speak Life, Not Death!

~I Am Quickened According To The Word Of God! ~I Thank You Lord, That The Authority, Dominion And Power Of God Is Working Within Me Here And Now! ~I Have No Fear, Because The Ability And Power Of God Is Released Within Me By The Words Of My Mouth And By The Word Of God. ~I Have Authority Over All The Power Of The Enemy Because Jesus Gave It To Me. (Luke 10:19)


Feb 20 2020


6:30 pm

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    Pastor Gary McSpadden

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