Thursday Night Bible Study | Self Satisfying Gospel or The Gospel of True Repentance

                                                         SELF SATISFYING GOSPEL OR THE GOSPEL OF TRUE REPENTANCE?

Thursday 03-05-20

~The Message Of The Self Satisfying Gospel Is "Come To Jesus And Get...” ~Matthew 7:21-22 “Not Everyone Who Says To Me, 'Lord, Lord,' Shall Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven, But He Who Does The Will Of My Father In Heaven. Many Will Say To Me In That Day, 'Lord, Lord..." ~James 2:18 "Show Me Your Faith Without Your Works, And I Will Show You My Faith By My Works." ~The Word "Lord" In The Previous Verse Comes From The Greek Word Kurios. ~Jesus Said There Will Be Men And Women Who Confess With Their Mouths That He Is Supreme In Authority, But They Live Lives That Do Not Line Up With What They Say. ~Luke 6:46 "But Why Do You Call Me 'Lord, Lord,' And Do Not Do The Things Which I Say?"

~We Have Cheapened The Gospel To A Solution To Life's Problems And Possibly An Improvement Of Your Lifestyle.

~We Have Enticed Sinners By Preaching Only The Blessings To Be Obtained In Following Him. ~We Have Bypassed Repentance To Gain A "Convert." ~Jesus Made It Clear... Mark 8:34-35 "Whoever Desires To Come After Me, Let Him Deny Himself, And Take Up His Cross, And Follow Me. For Whoever Desires To Save His Life Will Lose It, But Whoever Loses His Life For My Sake And The Gospel's Will Save It.”

~There Are Many Not Attending Church Who Would Gladly Receive The Benefits Of Salvation If Only They Could Keep Their Own Lives Too. ~They Realize There Is A Price That They Are Not Ready To Pay To Serve God.

~Yet, There Are Also Hypocrites Who Attend Church... Who Call Him Lord... Who Declare Their Submission To His Lordship But Still Have Hidden Idols In Their Heart.

~Watch How Jesus Handled One Young Man. ~Mark 10:17 (NKJ) “Now As He Was Going Out On The Road, One Came Running, Knelt Before Him, And Asked Him, “Good Teacher, What Shall I Do That I May Inherit Eternal Life?”

~This Man Was Intense! ~This Man Was Serious About Getting Saved!

~Now Hear How Jesus Ministers To This Intense Man, Wanting To Get Saved.

~Mark 10:19-20 (NKJ) "You Know The Commandments: 'Do Not Commit Adultery,' 'Do Not Murder,' 'Do Not Steal,' 'Do Not Bear False Witness,' 'Do Not Defraud,' 'Honor Your Father And Your Mother.'" And He Answered And Said To Him, "Teacher, All These Things I Have Kept From My Youth." ~Jesus Mentioned The Last Six Of The Ten Commandments, Dealing With Man's Relationship With Other Men. ~The Young Man Said That He Had Kept Them All From His Youth... ~Mark 10:21 (NKJ) “Then Jesus, Looking At Him, Loved Him, And Said To Him, "One Thing You Lack: Go Your Way, Sell Whatever You Have And Give To The Poor, And You Will Have Treasure In Heaven; And Come, Take Up The Cross, And Follow Me."

~How Did Jesus Show His Love For This Man? ~He Gave This Man The Truth... A Very Strong Word. ~Mark 10:22-23 (NKJ) “But He Was Sad At This Word, And Went Away Sorrowful, For He Had Great Possessions. Then Jesus Looked Around And Said To His Disciples, "How Hard It Is For Those Who Have Riches To Enter The Kingdom Of God!"

~God Never Called Us To Broaden The Gospel, Making It Easier For People With Idols To Get "Saved." ~Idols Must Be Forsaken. ~Acts 3:19-21 (NKJ) ~Matthew 3:2 (NKJ) ~Matthew 4:17 (NKJ) ~Acts 2:38 (NKJ) ~First Repentance, Then Conversion, For Sins To Be Blotted Out. ~A Conversion Is Not Genuine Without Repentance. ~Example...

Judas Sought Jesus And Joined Himself To Jesus. ~God Is Calling Us To Repent Of The Nature That Breeds Sin.

~The Key Word Is “Practice” In Matthew 7:21-23 (NKJ) ~1 John 3:4-8 (NKJ) ~Galatians 5:19-21(NKJ) ~Let's Define The Word "Practice." "To Do Frequently; To Perform Often In Order To Learn; To Teach By Frequent Repetition; To Do Something Habitually." ~The Person Who "Practices Sin" Is The Person Who Sins Without Conviction.

~In The Church We Categorize Sin. ~We Place Sins Like Drunkenness, Adultery, Murder And Lust In One Category...

~And Sins Of Hatred, Gossip, Strife, Complaining And Others Like These In A Different Category. ~This Is A Self-Righteous, Religious Lie. ~God Puts Hatred, Jealousy, Wrath, Selfish Ambitions, And Envy Right There Between Adultery And Murder. ~2 Corinthians 7:9-10 (NLT) ~Paul Is Writing This To The Church, Not The World. ~Paul Said That There Is A Sorrow That Does Not Produce Repentance, But Rather Death! ~Not All Sorrow Is Godly.

~To Illustrate The Difference, Look At The Lives And Motives Of King Saul And King David.

~In 1 Samuel 15 God Commanded King Saul To Attack Amalek And To Utterly Destroy Everything. ~Saul Did Not Do What God Said. ~But Saul Defended Himself To The Prophet Samuel, Claiming He Had Done All God Had Commanded Of Him. ~1 Samuel 15:30 (NKJ) ~He Finally Acknowledged His Sin Because He Was Concerned About Being Exposed In Front Of His Elders Of Israel, More Than His Sin Against God. ~He Wanted To Guard His Reputation And His Kingdom. ~His Motive Was Selfish Ambition. ~He Feared Man More Than He Feared God...

~King David Committed Adultery And Then Premeditated A Murder To Cover His Sin. ~But Then, He Was Confronted By The Prophet Nathan. ~When His Sin Was Exposed, "David Said To Nathan, 'I Have Sinned Against The Lord! (2 Samuel 12:13 NKJ) ~David Understood That His Sin Was Against God, And He Fell On His Face In Repentance. ~David only cared what God thought. ~He knew he had hurt God's heart. ~Psalm 51:4 (NKJ) "Against You, You Only, Have I Sinned, And Done This Evil In Your Sight..." ~David Was A Man After God's Heart, While Saul Was After A Kingdom! ~David Was Sustained By His Love For God; Saul Was Destroyed By His Love For Self. ~Repentance Is The Prerequisite To Deliverance. ~Mark 6:7-12 (NKJ) ~1 Peter 2:24 (NKJ) ~Isaiah 59:2 (NKJ) ~Romans 8:12-13 (NKJ)

~Holiness Is A Work Of His Grace, Not A Work Of The Flesh. ~This Work Begins In Our Heart Through The Avenue Of Repentance. ~Repentance Is Not A One-Time Prayer Of Relief But A Way Of Life!


Mar 05 2020


6:30 pm

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  • Date: Mar 05 2020
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Faith and Wisdom Church
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Gary McSpadden


  • Pastor Gary McSpadden
    Pastor Gary McSpadden

    Gary McSpadden has been a leader in spreading the Word of God throughout the world through teaching, singing, writing and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 50 years. He and his wife Carol founded Faith and Wisdom Church in April of 2010 with a group of 24 loving, wonderful people in Branson, MO. They continue to lead this growing and thriving group of believers today.

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