Thursday Night Bible Study | God’s Glory and An Open Heaven

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Gods Glory and An Open Heaven


Thursday 01-09-20

~It Is Easy To Confuse Our Ideas About God With God Himself. ~Many People Know The Bible And Think They Know The Lord. ~Having A Relationship With God Should Never Be Mistaken For Knowing The Scriptures.

~If Knowing The Bible Was Synonymous With Knowing God, The Pharisees And Scribes Would Have Rocked!

~We Simply Cannot Have A Living Encounter With God Without Encountering His Glory. ~I Cannot Visit You And Leave My Body At Home. ~Everywhere I Go, My Body Goes, Because My Body And I Are One.

~The Same Is True For God And His Glory—They Are One. ~When God Shows Up, So Does His Glory.

~As God’s Presence Invades Our Surroundings, His Glory Enters And Often Manifests Itself. ~His Glory Stretches Our Understanding Of God And His Ways And Frequently Challenges Our Current Conceptions Of Him.

~Just What Is God’s Glory? ~Very Few Passages In The Bible Speak Directly Of God’s Eternal Glory, But Many Refer To His Manifest Glory. ~Look At It Like This... The Eternal Glory Of God Is Like The Sun Itself, Far Too Fiery And Brilliant For Us To Encounter Directly Or Even To Look Upon. ~Everywhere The Sun Goes, The Sun’s Light Goes. ~But The Sun’s Light Is Not The Sun Itself. ~But The Light We Experience From The Sun Is A Manifestation Of The Sun.

~This Distinction Is Helpful In Understanding God’s Glory. ~Matthew 6:10, (NKJ) “Your Kingdom Come. Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven.” ~His Eternal Glory Is Like The Sun Itself... ~But His Manifest Glory Is Like The Sun’s Light: His Glory Is A Reflection Of Him That We Can Encounter In Ways We Are Able To Perceive In This Natural Realm.

~Isaiah 64:1-3 (THE VOICE) “If Only You Would Rip Open The Heavens And Come Down To Earth... Its Heights And Depths Would Quake The Moment You Appear, 2 Like Kindling When It Just Begins To Catch Fire, Or Like Water That’s About To Boil. If Only You Would Come Like That So That All Who Deny Or Hate You Would Know Who You Are And Be Terrified Of Your Grandeur. 3 We Remember That Long Ago You Did Amazing Things For Us That We Had Never Dreamed You’d Do. You Came Down, And The Mountains Shook At Your Presence.”

~When There Is An Open Heaven, Supernatural Things Begin To Happen.
~1. Jacob Received Angelic Visitation And The Nation Of Israel Was Born.
~2. Peter Had A Trance... Heaven Opened... The Gentiles Received Salvation And The Gentile Church Was Born.
~3. John Received The Revelation Of The Book Of Revelation When Heaven Was Opened.
~He Received And Wrote Down The Final Chapter Of Human History.

~There Are Some Lessons Here...

~1. We Need To Be Seeking To Break Through Into The Glory Of Heaven.

~2. We Should Be Looking For Another Breakthrough In Places Where The Glory Has Shone Before!
~Genesis 29:31 (NASB) “Now The Lord Saw That Leah Was Unloved, And He Opened Her Womb, But Rachel Was Barren. 32 Leah Conceived And Bore A Son And Named Him Reuben...”

~Genesis 29:33 (NLT) “She Soon Became Pregnant Again And Gave Birth To Another Son. She Named Him Simeon, For She Said, “The Lord Heard That I Was Unloved And Has Given Me Another Son.” 34 Then She Became Pregnant A Third Time And Gave Birth To Another Son. He Was Named Levi, For She Said, “Surely This Time My Husband Will Feel Affection For Me, Since I Have Given Him Three Sons!” 35 Once Again Leah Became Pregnant And Gave Birth To Another Son. She Named Him Judah, For She Said, “Now I Will Praise The Lord!”

~Two Of Her Sons... Levi & Judah... From Which Came The Law (Moses Was A Levite) ~We Also Know That The Messiah Jesus, Was Descended From Judah. ~God Says Heaven And Earth Shall Pass Away But My Word Shall Remain Forever! ~God Says The Throne Of David Shall Endure Forever (The Lineage Of Jesus) ~Now That’s An Open Heaven! ~Matthew 6:10, (NKJ) “Your Kingdom Come. Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven.”

~If The Glory Has Stopped Flowing, It’s Time To Open Up The Flow Again! ~Someone Or Something Might Fill In The Ditch But The Flow Of His Glory Can Always Be Reopened! ~Revelation 3:8 (NLT)
~1 Corinthians 2: 9-10 (NLT) “That Is What The Scriptures Mean When They Say, “No Eye Has Seen, No Ear Has Heard, And No Mind Has Imagined What God Has Prepared For Those Who Love Him.” 10 But It Was To Us That God Revealed These Things By His Spirit. For His Spirit Searches Out Everything And Shows Us God’s Deep Secrets.”
~God Wants Us To Have An Eternal View Of Heaven... ~But Satan Knows That If We See Clearly, We Will Be Unstoppable In Our Quest To Get Our Friends And Family Into Heaven. ~Satan Was Forcibly Removed From Heaven And He Became Bitter Against God, And Against Man, And Against Heaven. ~Isaiah 14:12-15 (The Voice)

~Heaven Is A Place Full Of Glory, Where The Atmosphere Is God’s Glory In Its Fulness... ~Deuteronomy 29:29 (NKJ)

~It Is Important To Tell Our Children Of The Great Testimonies & Experiences In The Glory Of God. ~Colossians 3:1 (LB)

~”Set Your Sights” = Zetro (Greek) "Zetro" is present tense! Keep On Seeking Heaven In The “Now” Moments! ~Matthew 18:12 (NLT) ~Matthew 13:45 (NLT) ~Luke 19:10 (NLT) ~1 Peter 4:13-14 (The Voice)

~Churches Can Become Very One Dimensional In The Spirit, Focusing On Salvation... ~Some Focus On Healing Or Deliverance... ~Some Focus Totally On Counsel Or On The Gifts Of The Spirit... ~God Is Multi-Dimensional And His Church Is Meant To Reflect This. ~He Came Here To Save Us... ~Then He Went Away (To Heaven) To Empower Us!
~When We Glorify God, He Makes Us Glorious. ~John 17:22 (The Voice) “All The Glory You Have Given To Me, I Pass On To Them. May That Glory Unify Them And Make Them One As We Are One.”

~And The More Glorious We Become, The More We Can Glorify God With Our Entire Being.

~The Cry In Our Families... In This Church... And In This Nation Shall Be... “Send Us Your Glory Lord”


Jan 09 2020


6:30 pm

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    Pastor Gary McSpadden

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