Thursday Night Bible Study | Fear – The Enemy of Your Faith

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Fear -The Enemy of Your Faith


Thursday 03-12-20

 ~Faith... Moves Mountains, Produces Miracles, Transforms Lives And Changes Eternal Destinies.

~It’s The Substance Of All Things Hoped For. ~In Fact, Faith-Filled Words Brought The Universe Into Existence.

~For The Believer, Faith Is An Absolutely Vital Part Of Life In God. ~But, We Also Live In An Age Of Fear. ~Messages Of Fear Come At You From Every Side. ~Fear Of New, Incurable Diseases. ~Fear Of Economic Collapse. ~Fear Of Crime. ~Fear Of Being Discriminated Against. ~The List Is Endless. ~Three Hundred And Sixty-Six Times God Said In His Word To Not Be Afraid Or Dismayed. ~Do Not Fear. ~Do Not Doubt God’s Word. ~We Are To Serve Him Without Fear All The Days Of Our Life. ~Psalm 34:4 (KJV) "I Sought The Lord, And He Heard Me, And Delivered Me From All My Fears." ~2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJ) “For God Has Not Given Us A Spirit Of Fear, But Of Power And Of Love And Of A Sound Mind.”

~Fear: An Unpleasant Emotion Caused By The Belief That Someone Or Something Is Dangerous, Likely To Cause Pain, Or A Threat: A Feeling Of Anxiety Concerning The Outcome Of Something Or The Safety And Well-Being Of Someone: ~Doubt: A Feeling Of Uncertainty Or Lack Of Conviction: To Feel Uncertain About Something That Is Expected To Happen. ~No One Is Immune To Some Fear And Some Doubt. ~You’ve Just Got To Know How To Handle It When It Comes. ~Philippians 2:9-11 (NKJ) ~Isaiah 43:5 (NKJ) “Fear Not: For I Am With Thee…” ~Isaiah 41:10 (KJV) “Fear Thou Not; For I Am With Thee: Be Not Dismayed; For I Am Thy God: I Will Strengthen Thee; Yea, I Will Help Thee; Yea, I Will Uphold Thee With The Right Hand Of My Righteousness.” ~All Of These Statements Are "Covenant Statements." ~1 Samuel 17:26 (NKJ) ~Hebrews 8:6 (NKJ) ~Philippians 2:9-11 (NKJ)

~Fear Is The Womb Of Doubt And Unbelief. ~He Delivered Me From All My Fears. ~Jeremiah 1:8; ~Joshua 1:9;  

~Fear & Doubt Will Keep Us In The Wilderness. ~Numbers 13:33 (NKJ) "And There We Saw The Giants, The Sons Of Anak, Which Come Of The Giants: And We Were In Our Own Sight As Grasshoppers, And So We Were In Their Sight"

~Fear And Doubt Were The Roots Of Their Unbelief. ~Luke 12:31-32 (NKJ) ~Romans 8:1-2 (NKJ) “There Is Therefore Now No Condemnation To Them Which Are In Christ Jesus, Who Walk Not After The Flesh, But After The Spirit. For The Law Of The Spirit Of Life In Christ Jesus Hath Made Me Free From The Law Of Sin And Death.” ~In Those Verses, We Can See The Two Basic Domains (Laws) Under Which Christians Can And Must Operate: ~1. One Is Called The "Law Of The Spirit Of Life In Christ Jesus”. ~2. The Other Is Called "The Law Of Sin And Death.” ~The Sad Part Is That Even Being Born Again Does Not Mean A Christian Lives His Life Under The Right Law. ~A Law Is An Established Principle That Can Be Expected To Function The Same Way Every Time.

~For Example, The "Law Of Gravity" Applies To Everyone In Every Situation And Every Place. ~A Rock Dropped From The Top Of A Building Will Always Fall… Every Time! ~It’s The Law!

~According To God's Word, Faith Can Move Mountains And Work Miracles. ~The Universe Itself Is The Product Of Faith-Filled Words. ~Hebrews 11:3 (NKJ) “By Faith We Understand That The Worlds Were Framed By The Word Of God, So That The Things Which Are Seen Were Not Made Of Things Which Are Visible.” ~Faith Has A Reciprocal Under The "Law Of Sin And Death…” It Is Called Fear. ~In Fact, Fear Always Rushes In Where Faith Is Not Present.

~Matthew 8:25-26 (NKJ) “Then His Disciples Came To Him And Awoke Him, Saying, “Lord, Save Us! We Are Perishing!” 26 But He Said To Them, “Why Are You Fearful, O You Of Little Faith?” Then He Arose And Rebuked The Winds And The Sea, And There Was A Great Calm.” ~Romans 10:17 (NKJ) ~Remember This...Attention To Satan's Words Brings Faith's Reciprocal (Fear) Into Your Circumstances. ~Job 3:25 (KJV) “For The Thing Which I Greatly Feared Is Come Upon Me, And That Which I Was Afraid Of Is Come Unto Me.” ~Fear Gives Place To The Devil, And It Allows Him To Operate Freely. ~There Is No Way For Satan To Operate Destructively In Your Life Unless You Give Place To Him.

~Psalm 91:16 (NKJ) You Will Say… “With Long Life Will I Satisfy Him”

~If You Pay Attention To The Devil's Words And The Doctor's Report Rather Than The Word Of God, Fear Will Immediately Begin To Wrap Its Icy Fingers Around Your Heart.

~On The One Hand, Faith Energizes And Activates The Law Of Life. ~On The Other Hand, Fear (Faith's Opposite) Activates The Law Of Death. ~Proverbs 18:21 (NKJ) ~Refuse To Listen To The Devil's Lies And Never, Never Speak Them Out. ~There Is A Biblical Principle That States: By Two Or More Witnesses A Thing Is Established. ~Deuteronomy 19:15 (NKJ) “One Witness Shall Not Rise Against A Man Concerning Any Iniquity Or Any Sin That He Commits; By The Mouth Of Two Or Three Witnesses The Matter Shall Be Established.” ~2 Corinthians 13:1 (NKJ) ~1 Timothy 5:19 (NKJ) ~Hebrews 10:28 (NKJ) ~The Devil Says, "You're Going To Get Cancer And Die." ~But God's Word Says, “By His Stripes Ye Were Healed!”  ~You Are The One Who Will Break The Tie!

~If You Have Established The Wrong Law In Your Life, There Is A Way Out. ~Take Heart… Lift Up Your Head… Change Your Validating Words…~God's Mercy Has Made A Way For Us To Turn Things Around When We Take The Wrong Road. ~You May Be Sinking In Debt. ~You May Be Sinking In Sickness. ~You May Be Sinking In Marital Or Family Problems. ~Whatever The Case, Fear Is Never From God. ~As A Christian, I Am An Heir Of God’s Salvation. ~As A Child Of God, I Am An Heir Of God’s Protection. ~I Choose To Live Within The Benefits Of The Law Of The Spirit Of Life And Faith! ~I Am Free In Jesus’ Name!”



Mar 12 2020


6:30 pm

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    Pastor Gary McSpadden

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