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The Word and The World



~James 4:1 (NLT) “What Is Causing The Quarrels And Fights Among You?

~It’s The Question Of The Ages. ~It’s A Question As Old As Cain And Abel. ~It’s Rodney King’s Question.

~During The Los Angeles Riots, Rodney King Appealed For Peace, Saying, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

~It Feels Like The National Blood Pressure Has Gone Up 100 Points In The Last Three Years, And It Shows No Signs Of Coming Down. ~Where Does All The Strife And Conflict Come From? From Our Spiritual Battles.

~Battle # 1: The War Within: ~James 4:1 (NLT) “Don’t They Come From The Evil Desires (Passions) At War Within You?”
~We Are Messed Up On The Outside Because We Are Messed Up On The Inside~Passions Is The Greek Word From Which We Get The English Word “Hedonism,” (The Pursuit Of Pleasure At All Cost). ~Those “Passions” Are At War Within Us, Making Us Continually Miserable. ~These Passions Fight Within Us, Saying, “You Deserve Better. You’re Mistreated. Stop Playing Nice And Go Get What You Want.” ~Those Inner Voices Speak To Us In Moments Of Weakness, When We Are Tired Or Alone. ~We Give In To The Passions That Cry Out For A Quick Shortcut To Happiness. ~With The Same Mouth We Curse And We Bless. ~We Love And We Hate. We Serve And Then We Steal. ~We Proclaim Christ And Then We Lie To Our Friends. ~We Read The Bible And Then We Watch Dirty Movies. ~We Sing In The Choir And Then We Have An Affair. ~All Of Us Feel The Struggle In One Way Or The Other.
~Battle # 2: The War Without: ~James 4:2 (NLT) “You Want What You Don’t Have, So You Scheme And Kill (Murder) To Get It. You Are Jealous Of What Others Have, But You Can’t Get It, So You Fight And Wage War To Take It Away From Them.”

Why Do We Kill Each Other? ~Because I Want What You Have, And You Want What I Have. ~It’s As Simple As That. ~Matthew 5:21-22 (NLT) “You Have Heard That Our Ancestors Were Told, ‘You Must Not Murder. If You Commit Murder, You Are Subject To Judgment.’  22 But I Say, If You Are Even Angry With Someone, You Are Subject To Judgment! If You Call Someone An Idiot, You Are In Danger Of Being Brought Before The Court. And If You Curse Someone, You Are In Danger Of The Fires Of Hell.”

~We Murder With Our Words. ~Our Rumors. ~Our Insults. ~Our Lies. ~Unsatisfied Desire Is Coveting. ~“Covet” Means To Boil With Envy. ~This Is The Primary Sin Of Moderately Successful People.

~Here Are Some Symptoms: ~We Secretly Think We Would Have Done Better If We Had Gotten The Right Breaks. ~We Temper Our Compliments With The Word “But”. ~We Gloat When Someone Gets Caught... “They Had It Coming To Them.” ~We Have More Criticism Than Praise. ~Envy Is Easy To See In Others But Hard To See In Ourselves.

~Battle # 3: The War Above: ~James 4:2-4 (NLT) “Yet You Don’t Have What You Want Because You Don’t Ask God For It. And Even When You Ask, You Don’t Get It Because Your Motives Are All Wrong... You Want Only What Will Give You Pleasure. You Adulterers! Don’t You Realize That Friendship With The World Makes You An Enemy Of God? I Say It Again: If You Want To Be A Friend Of The World, You Make Yourself An Enemy Of God.”

~There Is A Natural Progression In These Verses, But It Is Downward, Not Upward:

~1. There Is Self-Reliance. “You Don’t Have What You Want Because You Don’t Ask God For It.”

~We Don’t Pray Because We Don’t Have Time, We Don’t Think It Makes A Difference, Or We Can Do It On Our Own.
~2. There Is Selfish PrayerWe Sometimes Treat God As If He Were A Celestial Bellhop Who Brings Us Coffee Whenever We Ring The Bell.

~3. There Is Spiritual Adultery (Vs 4). ~Jewish Readers In The First Century Would Instantly Recognize This From The Old Testament. ~God Repeatedly Compared His Unfaithful People To Adulterous Women Who Went Chasing After Pagan Men. ~Judges 2:17 Uses Very Strong Language To Describe The Nation Of Israel: (NLT) “Yet Israel Did Not Listen To The Judges But Prostituted Themselves By Worshiping Other Gods.”  ~The People Would Say, “Us? Adulteresses? No Way! ~We Still Worship You, O Lord.” They Could Even Say, “You’re Our #1 God. ~We Just Hang Out With Baal On The Side.” ~That’s Like A Wife Who Says To Her Husband, “Sure, I’ve Got Lovers, But You’ll Always Be #1 In My Book.” ~That’s The World’s Way. ~But James Is Not Referring To The Literal Ball Of Dirt Called The Earth. ~He’s Thinking Of The “World System” That Leaves God Out. ~That “World” Is Selfish To The Core. ~It Operates On The Level Of Pure Human Desire. ~That “World” Has No Use For God. ~That “World” Is Opposed To God And Is Destined For Utter Destruction. ~1 John 2:17 (NLT~James 4:5 (NLT) ~When God Gave The Warning Against Idolatry In The Second Commandment, He Enforced It With The Truth Of Exodus 20:5-6 (NLT)


~Romans 6:13 Tells Us To “Yield Our Members To God As Instruments Of Righteousness.” ~Spiritual Victory Will Never Be Real For You Until You Make It Definite Regarding The Parts Of Your Body.

~What About Your Eyes? ~Have You Been Looking At Things This Week That You Shouldn't Be Seeing?

~Your Ears? ~Have You Been Listening To Gossip, Slander, Filthy Talk And Coarse Humor?

~Your Lips? Have Your Lips Been Swearing, Or Angry, Or Bitter? ~Are Your Lips Yielded To God?

~Are Your Hands Yielded To God Or Do You Use Your Hands To Grasp More Of This World's Goods?

~Are Your Feet Yielded To God Or Are They Taking You Where You Shouldn't Go?

~What About The Most Intimate Parts Of Your Body? Are They Yielded To God Or Are You Using Them For Evil?
 ~When Your Lips, Your Eyes, Your Ears, Your Hands And Your Feet All Become His, Then You'll Be His.

~You'll Be His Wherever You Go, And You Will Know Spiritual Victory. ~James 4:6 (NKJ) “He Gives More Grace.”

~For The Believer... We Can All Get Along With Others (Without Compromise) Because Jesus (And Only Jesus) Has The Power To Change The Human Heart.


Nov 14 2019


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