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When Trouble Comes

When Trouble Comes

Thursday 09-26-19

~The Story Of Ruth Is Truly An Amazing Look At The Love And Mercy And The Grace Of God.

~Ruth 1:1-5 (The Voice) “A Long Time Ago, When Judges Still Ruled Over Israel And The Land Was Dried Up With Famine, A Man From Bethlehem, Which Ironically Means “Place Of Bread,” Left His Home In Judah To Live As A Foreigner In The Land Of Moab. He Traveled With His Wife And Their Two Sons. 2 His Name Was Elimelech, And His Wife Was Naomi; Their Two Sons Were Called Mahlon And Chilion. They Were Descendants Of Ephraim’s Tribe From Bethlehem In Judah. They Had Settled And Made Lives For Themselves In Moab, 3 But Soon After, Elimelech Died Leaving Naomi In The Care Of Her Sons. 4 Each Son Married A Woman From Moab—One Was Named Orpah, The Other Ruth—And They Lived Together For 10 Years 5 Before Mahlon And Chilion Died Also. Naomi Was Left Alone, Without Her Husband And Two Sons.”

~When Hard Times Come, We Must Decide Whether We Will Be A Student... Or A Victim.
~A Victim Says, “Why Did This Happen To Me?” ~A Student Says, “What Can I Learn From This?”
~A Victim Complains He Is Being Treated Unfairly. ~A Student Thanks God He Is Not Being Treated As He Deserves.
~A Victim Tries To Get Even With Those Who Have Hurt Him. ~A Student Seeks To Serve Others In The Midst Of His Difficulty.
~A Victim Says The Game Of Life Is Stacked Against Him. ~A Student Believes God Is At Work Even In The Worst Situations. ~We Rarely Control What Happens To Us, But We Can Always Choose How We Will Respond.

~1. Hard Times Can Happen At Any Time. ~This Story Took Place After Joshua’s Death And Before Saul Became King. ~The Book Of Judges, Was Not A Godless Time, But A Time When Every Man Did What “He” Thought Was Right. ~Judges 21:25 (NKJ) “In Those Days There Was No King In Israel; Everyone Did What Was Right In His Own Eyes.”

~As Long As The Judges Ruled, The People Served The Lord. ~But When A Judge Died, The Jews Turned To Idolatry.

~It Was A Recurring Cycle Of Obedience, Disobedience, Judgment, Suffering, Desperation, And Returning To The Lord. ~Deuteronomy 28:24 (NKJ) “The Lord Will Turn The Rain Of Your Land Into Falling Dust; It Will Descend On You From The Sky Until You Are Destroyed.”

~2. Hard Times Force Us To Make Hard Choices. ~If You Are Elimelech, What Do You Do When A Famine Impacts Your Family? ~He Took His Family And Moved To Moab Because It Was A Land Of Good Soil And Adequate Rainfall. ~They Settled In The “Fields Of Moab” And Found Plenty To Eat. ~But Soon Elimelech Dies. ~Eventually The Boys Marry Moabite Women, One Named Orpah And The Other Named Ruth. ~But Then, The Two Sons Die And Are Buried In Moab.

~Remember, Verse 1 Says That Elimelech Intended To Emigrate To Moab “Only For A While”. ~But God Was Very Clear That The Israelites Were To Have Nothing To Do With The Moabites. (Read Genesis 19:30-38)  ~Deuteronomy 23:3&6 (HSCB) “No Ammonite Or Moabite May Enter The Lord’s Assembly; None Of Their Descendants, Even To The Tenth Generation, May Ever Enter The Lord’s Assembly . . . Never Pursue Their Welfare Or Prosperity As Long As You Live.” ~Elimelech made A Reckless Decision. ~When You Think You Are Smart Enough To Go Against The Word Of God And Still Have The Blessing Of God, You Are A Fool! ~Elimelech Understood The Risk But Thought This Move Was A Temporary Necessity For The Sake Of His Family. ~Remember... Good Motives Do Not Cancel The Impact Of Bad Decisions.
~There Is Real Lesson Here For The People Of God Today... ~The Problem In Israel Was Not The Lack Of Bread.

~The Problem Was The Lack Of Obedience To Jehovah God. ~You Are Free To Have Your Own Opinion, But You Are Not Free To Disobey Without Suffering The Consequences Of Your Disobedience.

~Elimelech Thought He Would Go To Moab, Stay Until The Famine Passed, And Then Come Back Home.

~But Check Out Those Three Graves In Moab. ~That’s Where He’s Buried Along With His Two Sons.

~One Wrong Decision Meant He Never Made It Back Home. ~Elimelech Lost His Life While Seeking A Livelihood, But Instead He Found A Grave In A Place That Was Not His Home.
~3. Hard Times Prepare Us For A Great Work Of Grace. ~Naomi Has Buried The Three Men In The Mountains Of Moab. ~When She Discusses Her Situation With Orpah And Ruth, Naomi Declares That God Has Turned Against Her. ~Ruth 1:13 (NKJ) “...It Grieves Me Very Much For Your Sakes That The Hand Of The Lord Has Gone Out Against Me!”

~1. Naomi Was Bitter: ~2. Naomi Was Disappointed With God: ~Disappointment Occurs When The Actual Experience Of Something Falls Short Of What We Anticipate. ~We Anticipate That A Life With God At The Center Will Be Devoid Of Problems... Or At Least That The Problems We Face Will Be Small And Menial. ~We Don’t Anticipate That Life That Hardships Will Come. ~And So, We Become Disappointed With God.

~Without Knowing That God Has Grace For Us In Every Situation... You Could Write Over Naomi’s Story In Big Letters The Word HOPELESS. ~She Is A Bruised Believer, Brokenhearted At What She Has Lost.

~But God Has Not Given Up On Naomi. ~He Has Big Plans That Are About To Unfold. ~Little Does She Know That One Day She Will Hold A Baby In Her Lap Who Will Be The Grandfather Of King David. ~She Couldn’t Imagine That Her Daughter-In-Law Ruth (A Moabite Maiden!) Will End Up In The Line Of The Messiah. ~Her Sadness Will Be Turned To Joy!

~Give God Time To Work. ~He Knows What He Is Doing Even When We Don’t Have A Clue.


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