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Wisdom and the Mystery of God

Thursday 12-05-19

~Matthew 2:1-2 (NLT) “Jesus Was Born In The Town Of Bethlehem In Judea, During The Reign Of King Herod. About That Time Some Wise Men From Eastern Lands Arrived In Jerusalem, Asking, [2] "Where Is The Newborn King Of The Jews? We Have Seen His Star As It Arose, And We Have Come To Worship Him."  ~Daniel 2:48 (NLT) "Then The King Placed Daniel In A High Position And Lavished Many Gifts On Him. He Made Him Ruler Over The Entire Province Of Babylon And Placed Him In Charge Of All Its Wise Men."
~History: In 605 B.C. The Jewish Nation Of Israel Was Overrun By The Babylonians And Many Of The Nation’s Brightest And Best Were Dragged Into Captivity. ~Over The Next 20 Years, Israel Continued To Rebel. Every Time They Did, A Babylonian Army Would Enter The Country And Round Up More Israelites, Taking Them Into Exile. As A Result, Little Pockets Of Jewish Communities Got Planted Throughout The Babylonian Empire. ~With These Small Jewish Communities Came The Holy Scriptures.

~Some Were Brought Into The Babylonian Court To Be Assimilated Into The Ruling Babylonian Culture. One Of Those Brought Into The Court Was A Young Man Named Daniel.

~The Reason The Wise Men Knew About Messiah’s Coming Was Because Of Daniel And The Community Of Jewish Exiles.

~These Exiles Possessed Many Of The Scrolls Of The Old Testament And Daniel Taught The Wise Men Of His Day The Meaning Of The Prophecy Of The Coming Messiah. ~These Three Wise Men Had Studied The Word Of God.

~Be Wise… Study The Word And Get To Know Him.
~Psalm 119:15 (NLT) “I Will Study Your Commandments And Reflect On Your Ways.”
~Study The Word To Know The Plan For Your Life.
~Joshua 1:8 (NLT) “Study This Book Of The Law Continually. Meditate On It Day And Night So You May Be Sure To Obey All That Is Written In It. Then Prosper And Have Good Success.”

~Why Were The Wise Men Wise? ~Matthew 2:1-2 (NLT)

~1. They Made A Journey Of Faith. ~Romans 10:17 (NKJ) “So Then Faith Comes By Hearing, And Hearing By The Word Of God.”

~They Had Heard The Word Of God And They Were Willing To Take A Risk.

~Risk Is What Puts The Works To Faith. ~Faith Is The Wise Men Hitching Up To The Camels And Starting Out Across The Desert Following The Star. Look at other examples…Peter, Moses, Abraham, Joshua, David, Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack, And Abednigo; *Risk Is Faith In Action, That Causes Us To Grow.

~Galatians 5:5 (NLT) “But We Who Live By The Spirit Eagerly Wait To Receive Everything Promised To Us Who Are Right With God Through Faith.”

2. They Did Not Allow The Enemy To Distract Them From Their Purpose.

~Matthew 2:8 (NKJ) “And He Sent Them To Bethlehem And Said, "Go And Search Carefully For The Young Child, And When You Have Found Him, Bring Back Word To Me, That I May Come And Worship Him Also."

~Matthew 2:12 (NKJ) “Then, Being Divinely Warned In A Dream That They Should Not Return To Herod, They Departed For Their Own Country Another Way.” ~The Enemy’s First And Most Used Tactic Is To Distract Us From Our Assignment.

3. The Wise Men Came To Worship Wise Men Worship Him For Who He Is! ~1 Chronicles 16:29 (NLT) ~Nehemiah 9:6 (NLT) ~Psalm 95:6-7 (NLT)

4. They Gave Their Best To God. ~Matthew 2:11 (NKJ) “And When They Had Come Into The House, They Saw The Young Child With Mary His Mother, And Fell Down And Worshiped Him. And When They Had Opened Their Treasures, They Presented Gifts To Him: Gold, Frankincense, And Myrrh.” ~True Honor Gives The Very Best!

~These Three Gifts Of The Magi Had A Prophetic Meaning: ~Gold, The Gift For A King; ~Frankincense, The Gift For A Priest;

~Myrrh, A Burial Ointment As A Gift For One Who Would Die.

1. Gold: Perhaps In The Persian Form Of Rings Or Wedges… A Fitting Gift For Royalty.
Gold Was The Usual Offering Presented To Kings By Their Subjects, Or Those Wanting To Pay Respect.

2. Frankincense: ~Frankincense Is A Very Costly And Fragrant Oil Used In Worship, Where It Was Burned As An Offering To God.

3. Myrrh: Was A Fragrant Spice Used To Embalm The Dead, A Foreshadowing That This Infant King Would Also Be The Crucified Lord. ~They Gave The Very Best Of What They Had To Honor Jesus. ~John 19:39 (NLT)
~Worship Is Devotion To Something Bigger Than You, Something That Is Eternal, Powerful And Trustworthy. ~Matthew 2:10 (NKJ)

~Giving Your Life To Christ Is The Greatest Act Of Worship. ~Philippians 1:11 (LB) “May You Always Be Doing Those Good, Kind Things That Show You Are A Child Of God, For This Will Bring Much Praise And Glory To The Lord.”
~Giving Your Life To Christ Brings Real Life To You. 

~Matthew 10:39, “If You Cling To Your Life, You Will Lose It; But If You Give It Up For Me, You Will Find It.”

~Why Were The Wise Men Wise? These Wise Men, Not Knowing Exactly What To Expect… But In Faith, They Were Still Expecting!

~Expectancy Motivated Them To Seek Out This Child Jesus, This King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords.
~They Became Men On A Mission… What Is Your Mission… What Is Your Purpose…?

~They Had A Mission Filled With Hope. They Had The Confident Expectation Of Finding The Savior, The Messiah.

~They “Heard” From The Word Of God And It Changed The Direction Of Their Journey Home.

~They Were Willing To Risk Their Lives And Their Possessions To Find Jesus.

~Giving Your Whole Life To Christ Is The Greatest Act Of Worship.

~Romans 3:23 (NKJ) ~Romans 5:8 (NIV) ~Romans 10:8-13 (NKJ)

~1 John 1:9 (NKJ) If We Confess Our Sins, He Is Faithful And Just To Forgive Us Our Sins And To Cleanse Us From All Unrighteousness.


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