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~When God Has Been Allowed To Transform Not Just The Surface Parts Of Us, But All Of Us, Then Our Spiritual Life Is Emotionally Healthy

~Only Ten Percent Of An Iceberg Is Visible Above The Surface Of The Water. ~That's The Part Of Our Lives That Everybody Can See... ~That’s The Part That We Work On So Everybody Can See That We Are Progressing.

~But It Is The Things Deep Beneath The Surface In Our Lives, (Those Things That Aren't Easily Seen) And That Show Up When We Are Under Great Stress... ~That’s The 90% That Jesus Wants To Transform.

~Look At Saul’s Life... 1 Samuel 15. ~Saul Is Probably One Of The Greatest Examples In Scripture Of Someone Whose Spiritual And Emotional Dysfunction Brought Spiritual And Physical Destruction To A Life. ~Saul Was A Person With Great Promise. ~He Started Out So Well, With Humble Beginnings, But Then, Because Of Poor Choices, Things Didn't Go So Well. ~1 Samuel 15:3 (NLT) “Now Go And Completely Destroy The Entire Amalekite Nation... Men, Women, Children, Babies, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Camels, And Donkeys.”

~In Verse 9, Instead Of Wiping Out Everything, "Saul And The Army Spared King Agag And The Best Of The Sheep And Cattle, The Fat Calves And Lambs ~They Saved Everything That Was Good. ~The New Living Says That They Kept, “Everything That Appealed To Them.” ~For Political Reasons, Perhaps Because Of Fear, Perhaps Because Of Greed, Saul Did Not Do What God Asked Him To Do. ~But He Thinks He Has... ~There Is The Problem. He Never Lets God Into The Inner Recesses Of His Life. ~He Never Really Plugs In And Listens. ~1 Samuel 15:19-22 (MSG)

~Three Basic Characteristics Of The Emotionally Unhealthy Spiritual Life Of Saul.

~1. As An Emotionally Unhealthy Person, Saul Says “No” To Allowing The Holy Spirit Of God Direct Him In His Journey... ~He Does What He Thinks Is Best... ~He's Praying... Kind Of. ~He's Listening... Sort Of. ~He's Doing Some Of God's Will, But Not All Of It. He Says, "No" To Prayer, Reflection, Solitude And Self-Awareness...

~After His Failure, He Wants Samuel To Go With Him So He Doesn't Look So Bad. ~This Need Or Desire For Approval Is Just So Deep In Him... It’s His Ego. ~1 Samuel 15:30 (MSG) ..."I Have Sinned. But Don't Abandon Me! Support Me With Your Presence Before The Leaders And The People. Come Alongside Me As I Go Back To Worship God." ~1 Samuel 15:24 (MSG) ~Saul’s Spiritual Life Is Not Deep... It’ Very Shallow. ~And He's Really Not Paying Attention To God. ~Saul Is Living An Iceberg Life One Life Above The Surface... And Another Life Underneath The Surface That Just Doesn't Correspond With What Others See. ~Saul Is Not Truthful With God... ~Saul Is Not Truthful With Himself... In His Own Mind. ~Philippians 4:6-8;

~Unlike David (Who Wrote Most Of The Psalms) You Will Never See Saul Spending Time In Silence And Solitude And In Praise And Worship. ~Unlike David, You’ll Never See Saul Pouring Out His Conflicted Inner Self To God.

~2. Saul Says "No" To Cultivating His Relationship With God. ~He Doesn't Spend The Energy And Take The Time To Cultivate It... To Take Care Of It. ~He Has A Public Life In God, But You Never See Any Evidence Of A Private Life In God. ~He’s Just On Autopilot. ~1 Samuel 15:22 (MSG) ~The Hebrew Word For “Obey” And The Hebrew Word For “Listen” Are The Same Word!

~3. Saul Says 'No' To Being Broken Before God. ~He Is Filled With Pride! ~Setbacks, Trials, Difficulties, And Tests Come To Every One Of Us... There Are No Exceptions... ~But Saul Refuses To Allow His Heart To Be Broken By It. ~He Refuses To Learn From It. ~He'll Come To The Altar And Cry, But He's Not Truly Broken Before God And Submitted To God By Any Circumstance. ~God's Trying To Humble Saul And Break Him So That He Could Become Something Great. ~And Saul Was Just Trying To Be Something Great. ~Saul Wanted To Be, Without Becoming. ~Hebrews 5:8 (MSG)

~Symptoms Of Emotionally Unhealthy Spiritual Lives.

~1. Using God To Do Your Own Thing. You Get Just Enough God In Your Life To Bless Your Plans, Stamp Your Own Agenda, And Show That You Are Right And Others Are Wrong.

~2. Denying The Past's Impact On The Present. You Have Not Looked At Some Of The Issues Of Your Family Origin And Your Culture And How It Impacts Your Spiritual Life Today.

~3. Dividing Your Life Into Secular And Sacred Compartments. You Have A Spiritual Life In Church On Sunday Mornings And Monday Through Saturday Is Your Secular Life. You Simply Don't See All Of Your Life As God’s.

~4. You Sit In Judgment Of The Spiritual Journeys Of Other People.

~5. You Keep Denying Your Brokenness, Weakness, And Failure.

~6. You’re Doing For God Instead Of Being With God. You’re Not Developing Your Personal Relationship With God.

~To Truly Serve God Our Hearts Must Be Pure And Our Self-Will And Stubbornness Must Be Eliminated.

~God Wants To Take The Saul Out Of Each Of Us.


Apr 25 2019


6:30 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 25 2019
  • Time: 7:30 pm


Faith and Wisdom Church
3950 Green Mountain Drive, Branson, MO 65616


Gary McSpadden


  • Pastor Gary McSpadden
    Pastor Gary McSpadden

    Gary McSpadden has been a leader in spreading the Word of God throughout the world through teaching, singing, writing and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 50 years. He and his wife Carol founded Faith and Wisdom Church in April of 2010 with a group of 24 loving, wonderful people in Branson, MO. They continue to lead this growing and thriving group of believers today.

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