Thursday Night Bible Study | Why Does My Faith Not Work (Sometimes)

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Why Does My Faith Not Work (Sometimes)


Thursday 11-07-19

~1 John 3:20-22 (NKJ) “For If Our Heart Condemns Us, God Is Greater Than Our Heart, And Knows All Things. 21 Beloved, If Our Heart Does Not Condemn Us, We Have Confidence Toward God. 22 And Whatever We Ask We Receive From Him, Because We Keep His Commandments And Do Those Things That Are Pleasing In His Sight.”

~Are You Seeing The Answers You Desire, Each Time You Pray? ~If Not... Why Not?

~Are You Seeing The Full Manifestation Of God's Promises Of Healing, Provision And Deliverance In Your Daily Life?

~God Never Intended His Children To Beg, Plead And Bargain For His Promises To Be Fulfilled In Their Lives.

~His Earnest Desire Is That You Experience The Full Manifestation Of Every Promise That He Has Made In His Word.

~That Means Total Provision, Prosperity, Absolute Health, Well-Being And Deliverance From All Oppression.

~If God Wants That... Then Why Aren't Most Christians, In Spite Of All Their Confessing, Believing And "Claiming," Experiencing That Kind Of Life? ~There Is One Key Component That Is Probably Missing... CONFIDENCE!

~I've Got Good News For You… There's Probably Nothing Wrong With Your Faith. ~You May Simply Be Lacking Confidence. ~Confidence Is The Force That Launches Your Faith.

~You Can Quote Scripture Until You're Hoarse... You Can Speak The Right Words... You Can Even Act On Those Words... But All That Is Not Enough. ~To Have The Power To Change Your Circumstances, You Must Have Confidence In The Words You’re Speaking And The Actions You Pursue. ~Words Alone Will Not Change Your Circumstances.  ~Your Words Are Spiritual Containers And Faith Is Poured Into Your Words By The Power Of Confidence. ~True Confidence Is Fully Persuaded No Matter What The Circumstances Look Like.

~Romans 4:19-25 (The Message) “Abraham Didn’t Focus On His Own Impotence And Say, “It’s Hopeless. This Hundred-Year-Old Body Could Never Father A Child.” Nor Did He Survey Sarah’s Decades Of Infertility And Give Up. He Didn’t Tiptoe Around God’s Promise Asking Cautiously Skeptical Questions. He Plunged Into The Promise And Came Up Strong, Ready For God, Sure That God Would Make Good On What He Had Said. That’s Why It Is Said, “Abraham Was Declared Fit Before God By Trusting God To Set Him Right.” But It’s Not Just Abraham; It’s Also Us! The Same Thing Gets Said About Us When We Embrace And Believe The One Who Brought Jesus To Life When The Conditions Were Equally Hopeless.”

~Romans 4:21 (KJV) “And [Abraham] Being Fully Persuaded That, What He Had Promised, He Was Able To Perform.”

~Once You've Developed Confidence In A Promise Of God, The Next Thing You Must Do Is Hold On To It.

~Hebrews 3:6&14 (NKJ) (V. 6) “But Christ As A Son Over His Own House, Whose House We Are If We Hold Fast The Confidence And The Rejoicing Of The Hope Firm To The End. (V. 14) For We Have Become Partakers Of Christ If We Hold The Beginning Of Our Confidence Steadfast To The End.”

~The Devil Is Going To Pull Out Every Trick In His Bag To Try To Get You To Let Go Of Your Confidence.

~He'll Use Well-Meaning Family Members, Friends, Television, Your Boss, And Any Other Voice At His Disposal To Try To Shake Your Faith In God's Promise. ~A Little Word Of Discouragement Spoken Here… A Little Bad News There…

~And Before Long, If You're Not Watchful, You'll Find Your Confidence Collapsing Around You Like A House Of Cards.

~If You're Believing God For Healing, Hold Fast Until Your Healing Is Manifested. ~If You're Trusting God's Word Concerning Finances, Hang On With A Grip Of Steel Until Your Situation Turns Around.

~Hebrews 10:35 (NKJ) “Therefore Do Not Cast Away Your Confidence, Which Has Great Reward.

~Confidence Is Your Foundation. ~Proverbs 3:26 (KJV) ~Confidence Is Your Strength. ~Isaiah 30:15 (NKJ)

~Pray With Confidence. ~1 John 5:14-15 (NKJ) ~Confidence Is The Missing Link In The Chain Of Faith. ~Hebrews 10:22-23 (NLT) ~1 John 3:20-22 (AMP) ~2 Timothy 1:7 (AMP) It Takes Both Confidence & Faith To Produce Results In Your Life.

~The Word Of God Is A Powerful Thing. ~Yet There Is Something That Can Stop It From Operating Effectively For You... Religious Tradition. ~Mark 7:13 (NLT) “And So You Cancel The Word Of God In Order To Hand Down Your Own Tradition. And This Is Only One Example Among Many Others.”  ~You Can Have Mountain Moving Confidence. ~But How Do You Get Confidence Like That? ~You Must Spend Time With Jesus. ~Acts 4:13 (NLT)

~2 Timothy 1:6 (NLT) “…This Is Why I Remind You To Fan Into Flames The Spiritual Gift God Gave You When I Laid My Hands On You.~Focus On The Phrase, “This Is Why I Remind You.” ~There Are Some Memories We Should Never Forget!

~Never Forget How: ~God Has Healed You. ~God Has Delivered You. ~God Has Saved You.

~Remember That God Has Guided And Directed You. ~God Has Brought You Through Difficult Trials.

~God Has Provided For You During Hard Financial Times. ~God Has Protected You From The Snare Of The Enemy.

~You Don't Ever Have To Be Without The Force Of Confidence Again.

~You Never Again Have To Pray Without Knowing That Your Prayer Is Heard And That It Will Be Answered.

~Never Again Will You Tithe Or Give Without Knowing That You Are Going To Receive A Great Return From The Hand Of God.

~So The Next Time The Devil Tells You There Is No Way You’ll Survive What You’re Facing, Take The Time To Get Alone With God… ~Hit The Rewind Button, And Ask The Holy Spirit To Help You Regather And Recall All Those Past Events Where God Came Through For You! ~God Is Worthy Of Your Confidence In Him!


Nov 07 2019


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    Pastor Gary McSpadden

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